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  1. Default [Module] Big Bang | Formulas

    Section #1: How Mob Avoid Works
    Section #2: How Player Avoid Works
    Section #3: How Mob Damage Works
    Section #4: How Player Damage Works
    Section #5: Experience to Next Level
    Section #6: How to calculate Minimum MP

    - Many members of the Southperry community: Dusk, JoeTang, KaidaTan, kruimel0, 505, and many others...

    If you're wondering:
    All of these formulas are taken straight from the executable file. A fully functional, unpacked, and unencrypted exe file was distributed to me legally and free from here.


    How Mob Avoid Works

    Relevant Calculator:
    Hit Rate Calculator

    Relevant Formulas:
    Magic Accuracy = INT + (LUK * 1.2)
    Physical Accuracy = LUK + (DEX * 1.2)
    Maximum Character Accuracy = 9999
    Maximum Mob Avoid = 9999

    Calculate the square root of your accuracy. Round down. Call this "Player Accuracy"
    Calculate the square root of the enemy's avoid. Round Down. Call this "Mob Avoid"
    After doing this, HitRate = Player Accuracy - Mob Avoid + 100
    If the HitRate is greater than 100, then make the HitRate equal to 100
    If the mob's level is above yours, subtract 5 from HitRate for every level he is above you. If this causes HitRate to go below 0, set HitRate to 0.
    HitRate is the percentage chance that you will hit the enemy.

    For programmers


    How Player Avoid Works

    Relevant Calculator:
    Avoid Rate Calculator

    Relevant Formulas:
    Magic Avoid = INT + (LUK * 2)
    Physical Avoid = DEX + (LUK * 2)
    Maximum Character Avoid = 9999
    Maximum Mob Accuracy = 9999

    Calculate the square root of your avoid. Round down.
    Calculate the square root of the enemy's accuracy. Round down.
    After doing this, AvoidRate = Player Avoid - Mob Accuracy
    If the AvoidRate is less than 0, then make the AvoidRate equal to 0
    If the mob's level is above yours, subtract 5 from AvoidRate for every level he is above you. If this causes AvoidRate to go below 0, set AvoidRate to 0.
    AvoidRate is the percentage chance that you will avoid the enemy.

    For programmers


    How Mob Damage Works

    Relevant Calculator:
    Mob Damage Calculator

    Relevant Formulas:
    WDEF = STR * 1.2 + (DEX + LUK) * 0.5 + INT * 0.4
    MDEF = STR * 0.4 + (DEX + LUK) * 0.5 + INT * 1.2
    Maximum Character Defense = 30,000
    Maximum Mob Attack = 29,999
    Maximum Character HP = 99,999
    As a rule of thumb, your defense needs to be four times the enemy's attack value in order to receive 1 damage from the enemy's attack.
    Having 30,000 defense will reduce all damage by about 86%. The "never receive damage" defense number is 40,000 (Because sqrt(WDEF * 0.25) of 40,000 is 100% in the formula), though it's impossible to reach it.
    The enemy's attack value is the damage he will do if you have 0 Defense.
    Flat damage reduction will only happen on values 8660 and less (and even then at only absurdly high defense values). Values higher than this are always percentage based damage reduction.
    The overall procedure is: Get Mob Attack --> Reduce mob attack by threaten --> Calculate & randomize mob attack --> reduce attack by defense --> reduce attack by other means (Achilles, Combo Barrier, etc.) --> reduce damage by Meso Guard.
    For every level you are below the enemy, you effectively lose 16 defense or 2.0% of the enemy's damage.
    Threaten does not work on Pink Bean or any of his cohorts.

    Calculate the following: PDDRounded = Total WDEF * 0.25 <---- Round this to the nearest whole number
    Calculate the following: PDDPercentage = Square Root(Total WDEF * 0.25) <--- Round Down
    If your level is less than the mob's level, subtract 4 from PDDRounded for every level. If PDDRounded becomes less than 0 because of this, set PDDRounded to 0.
    If your level is less than the mob's level, subtract 2.0 from PDDPercentage for every level. If PDDPercentage becomes less than 0 because of this, set PDDPercentage to 0.
    Calculate the following: MobDamagePDDRounded = Enemy Attack - PDDRounded
    Calculate the following: MobDamagePDDPercentage = (100 - PDDPercentage) * (Enemy Attack / 100)
    Pick the smaller number between MobDamagePDDRounded and MobDamagePDDPercentage. Call this number "damage taken"
    If damage taken is less than 1, set damage taken to 1.
    Damage taken is the maximum damage you will receive from the enemy.

    For Programmers


    How Player Damage Works

    Relevant Calculator:
    None yet

    Relevant Formulas:
    Multiplier * (4 * main stat + secondary stat) * (Attack / 100)
    It is currently believed that mob WDEF does not apply to damage calculations anymore. Only PDRate/MDRate matter.

    If you don't want to see any of the specifics for calculations, just jump to the third spoiler.

    Defining the equation

    Using the equation

    Damage Formula Cheat Sheet


    Experience to Next Level

    Credits to Cyanne

    Experience to Next Level


    How to calculate Minimum MP

    Relevant Calculator:
    Minimum MP calculator (NOTE: It's perfectly normal for some values to come out negative)
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  2. Default

    Thanks for everybody who helped find formulas and thanks Fiel :}

    Nice to have an EXP chart on an official thread that is easy to find too. xD

    EDIT: Ohlala these calculaters are fun! Extra thanks Fiel! :D

  3. Default

    Yes! I was waiting for this, so, no formulas changed from KMS?

  4. Default

    That I can't verify simply because I don't know. But this is the best information we've got, so I'm sticking to it.

  5. Default

    It still saddens me that a character with 9999 accuracy will even miss monsters 1 level above him. I love to snipe high level monsters, and it was always fun to hit 1 1 1 1, but with 100&#37; hit rate.

    Thanks for the formulae, these will help greatly to get insight in how MapleStory works. =)

  6. Default

    The EXP I need to level now @ 155, is less than the EXP I need to level post BB at level 165

  7. Default

    Wow if I did calculation right I'llbe hitting 148k per hit in illusion minimum no critical 0.o

  8. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 105
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Infinity
    Alliance: ~~~~


    Are we sure we got that exp table? My friend has some guildies in tespia who claim we have the normal table with 2x exp, but I don't really want to put too much stock in what some derps told my buddy.

  9. Default

    We got the exact same exp needed to level in Big Bang that KMS did, so yeah we got this table. I beleive the GMST thread in General Discussion has a SS of a level 164 who needed 143mill to level(on page 10 I think?), which is the same as Cyanne's EXP chart so, hurray! :]

  10. Water

    IGN: Negerpaardje
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 105
    Job: Aran
    Guild: Infinity
    Alliance: ~~~~


    Excellent, this is why I don't listen to derps.

    And Hai Ryahn.

  11. Default

    thank you for posting the formulas guys.

    I did some number crunching and will be -very- happy with my I/L archmage's power come BB. :D

  12. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: GatlingPunch
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 200
    Job: Gear 2nd Pirate
    Guild: Virtues
    Alliance: NARs


    Everyone has the same accuracy and avoid formula now? Awww I was gonna have loads of fun maintaining hax avoid on my Infighter Brawler.

  13. Default

    Exp is only very slightly off.

    eg. @ 153
    71592197 <- actual exp needed.

  14. Default

    A diligent Tespian could make the Exp TNL chart 100&#37; accurate in a matter of an hour or so. Since Cody gives free level ups, they can simply level up one at a time and write down the Exp each time.

  15. Default

    Are the new formulas for Critical Hits also known? Because I see some skills with Min Crit Damage and Max Crit Damage, plus I've heard some classes (if not all) have a base crit chance (without skills like Critical Shot).

  16. Default

    EDIT NVM forgot to factor in skills addition to magic.

    How would you factor in Magic Amplification?

  17. Default

    All classes after BB have a 5&#37; base critical chance to do from 1.2 to 1.5 times their normal damage. Skills raise either the chance, the min multiplier or the max multiplier.

  18. Default

    Easier - just screenshot the exp gains.

    133 - 18500784
    132 - 17290452
    131 - 16159301
    130 - 15102150
    129 - 14114159
    128 - 13190803
    127 - 12327853
    126 - 11521353
    125 - 10767624
    121-124 - 10063200

  19. Default

    I was attempting to calculate my Archmages attack post-BB, with Magic Amp is this correct?

    1 (4 * 949 + 133) * (199 * 1.5 / 100)

  20. Proton
    IGN: Sparapt
    Server: Galicia
    Level: 147
    Job: DualFun!
    Guild: Immortal <3
    Alliance: Faith


    Same xp from 9 - 14? That's strange. I guess it's to make people feel they're levelling fast



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