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    Last edited by Fiel; 2010-12-21 at 02:18 AM.

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    I think I like this way better, Paul. o.o

    Also, no world tour mobs (Or at least, Kaede Castle)?

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    I don't see World Tour Mobs, is it because they're identical to what we have now?


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    My requirements for inclusion on this table is that all boxes must be filled - no null values. So, evidently, Kaede castle mobs have null values in a few boxes.

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    Probably Pdrate/Mdrate then.

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    Checking Female Boss, she has no PDRate/MDRate listed. Lemme check changed stats... okay, yeah, she didn't get changed at all in this patch.

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    Yeah, where are the world tour mobs o3o?

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    None of the world tour mobs have MDRate/PDRate, and looking at the data, none of their information changed...

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    great job nexon, you made sure to change your mobs and KMS's but not anyone elses.

    Hopefully they'll change them before release, otherwise hello unbalanced training. And even though they kept BF at lvl 110, at least BF leech won't exist for anybody below lvl 86.

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    Lvl 94
    HP: 43000
    EXP: 2500
    PDR/MDR: 0

    Bellflower Root/Saitie/Buffy/Sage Cat
    Lvl 95
    HP: 55,000
    EXP: 1,166
    PDR/MDR: 10

    Looks like we have a winrar.

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    New this would happen.
    I assume they'll apply Big Bang to everything later on?

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    The thing about bigfoot, is they actually put the effort to change some values....but it's ridiculously easy now with huge exp. They even nerfed Zak, HT and their chaos counterparts' exp so why not BF.

    They did raise PB, but honestly I think PB should give 3 times as much seeing as you lose full % in the map.

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    *Cough* VIP xbow *cough*

    While I think they'll copy paste JMS's mob changes for JMS mobs, I have little hope for BF.

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    That's just a visual error, a level 27 or whatever can't actually wear that. These are too game breaking to be left as is.

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    Paul, I think you missed a 0 for Horntail Head B's EXP value. Only issue I've noticed so far.

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