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  1. Default [Module] Big Bang | Aran/Evan skills

    Aran (I)

    Aran (II)

    Aran (III)

    Aran (IV)

    Evan (I)

    Evan (II)

    Evan (III)

    Evan (IV)

    Evan (V)

    Evan (VI)

    Evan (VII)

    Evan (VIII)

    Evan (IX)

    Evan (X)
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  2. In my dreams... Gay Male
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    They most-likely just overwrote the GMS Evan skills with KMS Evan skills, which don't require books.

  3. Default

    Fail Nexon. Should be DEF.

  4. aka ClawofBeta Straight Male
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    Darn, no new skills for Evan.

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    Evans need Teleport Mastery

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    Most of Evans skills do not allow for tele-casting, but they did receive a new skill in the 4th Growth, Spell Mastery.

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    Hooray for evans having +90 M.att from buffs and passive skills.

  8. ᗧ ᗣ ᗣ ᗣ Straight Male
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    lolEvan, Aran ftw.

    o wait... *looks at all the nerfs* FML

  9. Proton
    IGN: ixgenLx
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    I don't understand why everyone keeps saying Arans are nerfed. The only things I see being nerfed are:

    1) The probability of getting critical is lowered but I can live with that because there's other buffs and Explorer ring that can assist, so forth.
    2) Combo Fenrir damage is lowered but I can live with that because it's not by much and since it hits twice it's actually still alot.
    3) Combo Tempest on Boss is lowered but I can live with that too because most of the time you're not gonna use it unless you want to look flashy.
    4) And lastly our mastery drops to 70% which stinks but at least it's still somewhat high.

    But what I don't get is why people don't notice that we getting tons of accuracy which helps us use less DEX type equipments and best of all we're getting alot more weapon attack stat.

    Even the first job skill gives +10 more weapon attack after 100 combos and High Mastery gives us like +20 more weapon attack and best part of all, our Overswing damage is increased for double and triple swing which means we'll deal more damage on regular attacks without having to blow away our combo count. Final Blow deals more damage so we can definitely use it on bosses like Zakum.

    IDK, I like where the Aran is going after BB because whenever I train or boss, I only use the regular Overswing attack and rarely do I use up my Combo count for special attacks.

  10. Default

    You cant compare Aran preBB and postBB like that since all the formula ingame changed

    Dex type equipment not really important anymore, especially with potential system and you only need 80 dex if you using Arcglaive. The accuracy formula now base 99% on your lvl, mob lvl and mob avoid

    Aran actually buffed, just not as much as other classes

  11. Proton
    IGN: ixgenLx
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: Angelic Buster
    Guild: Influence
    Alliance: Prestige


    Ahhh, that's right. I guess I'll just wait till someone makes an Aran in Tespia and talks about it.

  12. Default


    Overswing went from 170%/240% to 290%/360%. That's a 1.7x/1.2x damage increase. Snow Charge went from 110% to 135%. That's another 1.23x increase in damage. Final Charge went from 90% to 200%. That's a 2.2x increase in damage. Final Toss went from 110% damage to 350% damage. That's a 3.2x increase in damage. Final Blow went from 700% to 800%. That's a 1.14x increase in damage. The only real significant nerf is the critical nerf, and every job suffers from that. It's like saying one job gets screw more than another from PDRates. Frankly, the old Critical System made Arans overpowered. No job should gain more damage from Criticals than their own attack even provides.
    In all fairness, maxed Combo Critical with Snow Charge before would do (264% + 341%x2 + 418%x2 + 924%) = 2706%. Now it does (166.05% + 481.545%x2 + 597.78%x2 + 1328.4%) = 3650% Add in the fact that Polearm's damage range got buffed by Big Bang, High Mastery adds 30 attack, and Combo Finishers sucked ass in the first place, it's called a BUFF. Hell, if anything, Big Bang encourages the use of Finishers more despite their nerf since you don't get such a retardedly high damage boost by keeping your Combo 100+. With no Combo, you still do 3294% in a chain. Before, you would only do 1848% in a chain with 0 Combo.

  13. Neon Atom

    IGN: rattboy
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    Alliance: Sanctum


    The greatest thing added for arans is the extended combo count timer, it doesnt run out as fast. Not sure how many more seconds they gave but from all the videos ive seen looks like its 2-3 more seconds easily which might mean keeping combo even after stun ... which for me ... is the greatest thing of all.
    oh and as for decreased crits ... I think that starting out with a 20% crit rate at 0 count more than makes up for the lowered crit rate ... not to mention all the stuff mentioned by joetang and mrgen.
    Aran should be pretty sweet to play after big bang.

  14. Default

    Yes but if your accuracy is not more than or equal to the avoid of the monster then you'll still miss. So to say the accuracy formula is 99% based on level is wrong. It's more or les 80-85% maybe even lower then that.

  15. Proton
    IGN: ixgenLx
    Server: Scania
    Level: 200
    Job: Angelic Buster
    Guild: Influence
    Alliance: Prestige


    Definitely looking to see if this is true too. I've seen it in KMS videos, like being able to climb ladders in Oblivion 4 without the combo count disappearing, to me that's a huge difference especially for training.

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    Telecast or not Evans are Legendary Mages and should cover all the elements and baisis any normal mage would have.

  17. Default

    Evan were designed wrong to begin with. Skills get progressively slower as they get stronger, making most skills scale extremely poorly, especially compared to other classes. Best example of this is Magic Missile is the best single target DPS skill until Fire Breath/Killer Wings. Lightning Bolt would be useful if monsters weak to lightning actually existed, but I'd rather just train with Fire Circle/Ice Breath. Magic Flare is just useless unless it's the marginal difference in time to kill because it can OHKO 100% of the time or something. Flame Wheel's only advantage now is its range since Earthquake does more DPS, and hits more mobs. At least Illusion is useful. I've never agreed with the idea of having one pomegranatety Lightning Skill, one pomegranatety Ice Skill, and then four random ass fire skills. The greatest advantage Evan got from Big Bang, which make them anywhere near worthwhile is the extremely high amount of Magic Attack they have in my opinion.

  18. Default

    Agreed. The biggest faltering of the Evan was the speed issue and without a fix to that, they will remain clunky. However, as of BB, Evans seem to be one of the better training classes or more specifically mob training classes if that's any consolation.

    Also, it is probably advisable for people not to look to their Evan as the "legendary" mage class, you will undoubtedly be disappointed, if not now, eventually.



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