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  1. Default Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    Tired of people trying to get your attention? Need a little peace from incessant peeping?

    Cruise into your User Settings -> General Options and tell the world to bugger off by setting yourself to Unmentionable and stop receiving notices of when people @Mention you.

    For the time period you have this feature Enabled new attempts to Mention you will not be delivered. Turning it back on will not bring back any @Mentions that were suppressed during your "quiet" period, they'll stay gone. There is no visible indicator to people trying to @Mention you that the message isn't going through (Looks like a normal mention, just doesn't go anywhere).

    (This does not change how quoting a user behaves, only mentioning)

  2. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    I'm not gonna use this but I understand the motivation behind it.

    Good, good.

  3. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    Amazing title.

    Good work as always, Eos.

  4. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    Girasol will be happy, I bet. I can see in many threads that people are not respecting the thread itself and just using them to ask unnecessary GM questions. It bothers me because it will only drive her away ans we don't want that.

  5. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    I think she get's more feedback than unnecessary questions, all things considered I think she likes it here more than the official forum haha.

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    Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    Well, it's not like there's a more options...
    But I think thorr's right on asking way too much.

  7. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    I think she loves all her children equally, just like any mother hen.

  8. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys


    Would you consider yourself a mother hen or a mother bear, or a mother lion


  9. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    Pretty sure she's well versed in the "What's New" button.

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    Default Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    She doesn't have to answer anything she doesn't want to.

    A lot of the time there are probably questions she literally cannot answer though she seems a little higher above the NDA chain.

    My only use of mentioning her is just to get her aware of things. How will that drive her away?

  11. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    I don't consider myself a mother at all.

  12. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    Nerf Herder?

  13. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    But i like being mentioned. Give me notices, all the notices!

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    Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    Can i has Voice mail type of message when im in my "Antisocial" period?

    >Sorry the user you tried to contact isn't available right now, so please pineapple off and leave me alone for a while will ya. kthxbye :D.

    Anyway good feature, although i don't find myself being bothered that much in the first place to use it :P

    Edit: When are we getting Spoilers and other commonly used tags in the quick reply window Eos D:

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    Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    I wish I was popular enough for this feature to mean something to me.

  16. Default Re: Unmentionable Antisocial Monkeys

    The common theme I am seeing lately is that anytime anyone has a bug or a problem, they tag Girasol and I feel that the frequency has escalated to be too high. There are too many minor issues being tagged with her name. Widespread glitch? Yeah, tag her. Misspelled event name? No, just bring it up but don't force her to get a notice. (I am not saying you personally have done this, so don't take it as a personal indictment.) I just think there are more than a few people who have started to post things because they think it will be seen here. This may be good or bad, but I don;t want to see become a dupe of the craziness that goes on in other forums where every possible question is tagged with a "GM answer please" phrase (MS official forum.. Diablo 3 forum... WoW forum..) and then folks get mad when they don't get an answer.

    I just feel that a GM perusing the board will come across the important stuff naturally because it will take up valuable forum real estate. Then that person can do good things with the information if possible. That's why I like Girasol and her involvement. She knows her boundaries and is eager to offer insight the right way. I would hate to see that spirit annoyed into silence. I am older fellow who believes in a hefty amount of respect for folks in the know. Trust is thus built.



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