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  1. Default Beast Tamer discussion thread

    Beast Tamer is officially released in the Chinese test server.


    Beginner Skills

    Bear Guardian Mode

    Snow Leopard Guardian Mode

    Eagle Guardian Mode

    Cat Guardian Mode

    Hyper Skills

    Let's talk about Beast Tamer. Since the chance is very likely that this will come to GMS. It's been confirmed that it's coming to China and Japan who both have Dawnveil. Arbren is the hometown of Beast Tamer and this map is located in Dawnveil.
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    Default Re: New JMS stuff?

    Oh yay, it's customizable, including the ears and tail! awesome.

  3. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    Will you be adding animations? :o

  4. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

  5. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    This is actually really exciting

  6. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    Tablear Flip.

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    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia

    Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    I'm confused about what this means:
    What confuses me is the part about the 200% EXP.

    Is it saying that when you level up you get a 200% exp buff? or that the skill itself gains exp like a growth item?
    also what the hell at the Flame Fart attack and flipping the table. I love it.

    and is it just me or is this class pineappleING OP.
    Lots of passive boss damage, nearly 100% clean critical rate and loads of critical damage passives, lots of ignore defense, tons of Max HP, an insta-resurrect when you die, 30 seconds of invincibility...

    40% extra exp passively for all party members in your map... oh god.

    So many passive party buffs just for being in the same map, Beast Tamer is like the ultimate mule.
    oh god and passive drop rate buffs too! D:

    I really hope that those passive buffs apply for Beast Tamer themselves too, it would suck if they only worked for party members.

  8. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    Damn, they have a lot of really nice party buffs, and an ignore DEF character card is awesome.

    So I guess you attack using one type of animal at a time, and can only use the buffs/attacks corresponding to that animal unless you summon a different one?

  9. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    Yes, it works exactly like Xenon's skills. You cast the Multi Mode Linker and you can change animals that will help you in battle.

    @Razmos I'll ask my friend who knows this better than me.

  10. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    Flame fart?! This class is amazing already!

    I wonder when it'll be released in GMS. The only reason I even made my Kanna in the first place is to gather INT equips to use for a Beast Tamer. I've already begun leveling up a second Kanna just to have a Kishin mule for it.

    Thanks so much for this! I've been waiting so eagerly for this to be released on CMST so I can see their skills. The video they released showed barely any of their skills!

  11. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion


    From what he told me, in the image above, you can see that the skill has its own EXP (green bar). The EXP is related to the EXP that you acquire from killing monsters. It works similar like Timeless weapons. However, this skill can get 200% extra EXP whenever you level up OR when the skill levels up. We might have to summon the almighty @hadriel to clarify the situation.

    Skill animations are coming up.

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    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia

    Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    I think it's being released in CMS and JMS at around the 14th-16th. coincidentally when most of our events end, and there is a mysterious blank space on the RED microsite which hints at a third part to the update. Hopefully we will get the update highlights on Tuesday (the 7th, my birthday!) and the release will be on the 14th-15th.

    Of course that's just speculation, but it's pretty obvious we will get it eventually even if it's not the next update.

    Oh god i'm actually considering abandoning my Kanna for this class. This is the best mage i've ever seen.

    Ah, thank you! that is pretty much what I thought, but I was unsure since it's something we've never seen in this game before.

    It's an interesting way to level up skills, I hope more classes have skills like those.

  13. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    I hope we get it soon. It's Tynerum content, and we got the others pretty close to other versions.

    I'm already impressed with bear form. It's really powerful! Obviously that's what you'll be bossing with most of the time. I wonder what the trade off is for this damage. Maybe no mobility in bear form?

    And ikr! I love my Kanna but this class looks great!

    I think a lot of the stats you gain only stay in the form you're in... So the bear's crit might not be on all animal forms. I totally don't know though, that's just me assuming.

  14. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    Wow so many party buffs. I wonder how practical it will be to have the 4 guardians. I can see one being superior to the others. I guess the cat is if you are assuming more of a support role. A mechanic to encourage swapping the guardians would have been nice.

  15. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    If you need extra verification for translations, prod me while I'm still awake. I'm going for dinner in less than an hour, and bed time is about 2 hours away. I'm working on my personal statement for Ph.D applications in the meantime.

    Love the flip table. Class is quite sick. Significant rebalancing expected. This class does every damn thing, seriously. Hope JoeTang's algorithms are ready.


  16. Default Re: New JMS stuff?

    40 seconds in before they even hit create character… The extra customization options are a nice touch.

  17. I post a lot Bi Male
    IGN: ZesseiBijin
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 204
    Job: Kanna
    Guild: NEST
    Farm: Razmosia

    Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    You can definitely use Flash Jump while in bear form, so it's not completely immobile.

    It makes sense that the passive buffs would work only while in that form... but a lot of them say "permanently" which suggests otherwise. Plus it doesn't really make sense for the cat form to have so many passive buffs like increased exp when that form doesn't really have any attacks to kill things with.

    It would really suck if you only got the extra exp, drop rate ect while other people do the killing for you.

    I mean that would work for support classes in other games... but not maple.

  18. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    @Spadow; in-text description has no mention of 200%EXP or anything whatsoever. Hover text basically says (borrowing your translated version):

    We need data for verification... but you know what let's just leave that for now. When it comes out on KMST we can scrutinise it all we want.


  19. Default Re: Beast Tamer discussion

    Ooh that's really cool, so the skill level grows as you gain experience, pretty much like a skill version of a reverse/timeless weapon. Sweet stats at master level too @_@



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