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  1. Default All Aswan Inner Abilities

    Figured I should post this here too.

    Here's all of them.

    -There's no subdivision in the data based on Inner Ability rank, so I dunno about that.

    -d() is the floor function (round down the values in the parenthesis), u() is the ceiling function (round up the values in the parenthesis), I think.

    -The level doesn't really matter in that you can't really level up the ability, I assume you're randomly assigned a level upon using a circulator in order to vary the effect of the bonus.

    - The portion of the effect bolded is the portion affected by the level and equation. To get all possible effects, pretty much just plug each number from one to max level into the equation.

    Inner AbilityVariable NameEquationMaximum LevelMaximum Effect
    +STRstrFXx40STR +40
    +DEXdexFXx40DEX +40
    +INTintFXx40INT +40
    +LUKlukFXx40LUK +40
    +AccuracyaccX10*x40Accuracy +400
    +AvoidevaX10*x40Avoid +400
    +DEFpddX10*x40DEF +400
    +MDEFmddX10*x40MDEF +400
    +MaxHPmhpXx*1540HP +600
    +MaxMPmmpXx*1540MP +600
    +JumppsdJump2*u(x/3)30Jump +20
    +SpeedpsdSpeed2*u(x/3)30Speed +20
    +ATKpadX3*u(x/3)30 ATK +30
    +MATKmadX3*u(x/3)30MATK +30
    Crit Ratecrx30Crit Rate +30%
    +All StatsstrFX, dexFX, intFX, lukFXx40All Stats +40
    BoosteractionSpeed-110-1 Weapon Speed
    DEF to MDEFpdd2mddu(x/4)4010% DEF to MDEF
    MDEF to DEFmdd2pddu(x/4)4010% MDEF to DEF
    Accuracy to MPacc2mp5*u(x/4)4050% Accuracy to MP
    Avoid to HPeva2hp5*u(x/4)4050% Avoid to HP
    Base STR to DEXstr2dexu(x/4)4010% Base STR to DEX
    Base DEX to STRdex2stru(x/4)4010% Base DEX to STR
    Base INT to LUKint2luku(x/4)4010% Base INT to LUK
    Base LUK to DEXluk2dexu(x/4)4010% Base LUK to DEX
    Level to ATKlv2pad20-2*d(x/2)10+1 ATT for Every 10 Character Levels
    Level to MATKlv2mad20-2*d(x/2)10+1 MATK for Every 10 Character Levels
    % AccuracyaccRx2020% Accuracy
    % AvoidevaRx2020% Avoid
    % DEFpddRx2020% DEF
    % MDEFmddRx2020% MDEF
    % MaxHPmhpRx2020% MaxHP
    % MaxMPmmpRx2020% MaxMP
    % Accuracy (Hit) Ratearu(x/2)2010% Hit Rate*
    % Evasion Rateeru(x/2)2010% Evasion Rate*
    % Boss DamagebdRx2020% Boss Damage
    % Non-Boss DamagenbdRu(x/4)4010% Non-Boss Damage
    % Tower DamagetdR2*u(x/3)3020% Additional Damage on Aswan Towers
    Instant Kill for Suppy Mode MonstersminionDeathPropu(x/4)4010% Chance to Instantly Kill Aswan Supply Mode Monsters
    Increased Damage on Monsters Inflicted with Status EffectsabnormalDamRu(x/4)40+10% Damage to Monsters Inflicted with Status Effects
    Accuracy to Damageacc2damx*2+u(x/2)2050% Accuracy to Damage
    DEF to Damgepdd2damx*2+u(x/2)2050% DEF to Damage
    MDEF to Damagemdd2damx*2+u(x/2)2050% MDEF to Damage
    Ignore Damage (Magical)pdd2mdxu(x/3)30Ignore Magical Damage equal to 10% DEF
    Ignore Damage (Physical)mdd2pdxu(x/3)30Ignore Physical Damage equal to 10% MDEF
    Ignore CooldownnoCoolPropx2020% Chance to Ignore Skill Cooldown
    Increase Passive Skill LevelpassivePlus110+1 to All Passive Skills
    Increase Skill TargetstargetPlus110Hit 1 Additional Target
    Increase Buff DurationbufftimeRx+u(x/4)40+50% Buff Duration
    Item Drop RatedropRu(x/2)40+20% Item Drop Rate
    Meso Drop RatemesoRu(x/2)40+20% Meso Drop Rate
    +STR and +DEXstrFX, dexFXx, u(x/2)40STR +40, DEX +20
    +STR and +INTstrFX, intFXx, u(x/2)40STR +40, INT +20
    +STR and +LUKstrFX, lukFXx, u(x/2)40STR +40, LUK +20
    +DEX and +INTdexFX, intFXx, u(x/2)40DEX +40, INT +20
    +DEX and +LUKdexFX, lukFXx, u(x/2)40DEX +40, LUK +20
    +INT and +LUKintFX, lukFXx, u(x/2)40INT +40, LUK +20
    +DEX and +STRdexFX, strFXx, u(x/2)40DEX +40, STR+20
    +INT and +STRintFX, strFXx, u(x/2)40INT +40, STR +20
    +LUK and +STRlukFX, strFXx, u(x/2)40LUK +40, STR +20
    +INT and +DEXintFX, dexFXx, u(x/2)40INT +40, DEX +20
    +LUK and +DEXlukFX, dexFXx, u(x/2)40LUK +40, DEX +20
    +LUK and +INTlukFX, intFXx, u(x/2)40LUK +40, INT +20
    *Due to the nature of these variables and avoid, and apparently accuracy, I'm not entirely sure what they do. If it helps, ar is the variable used by priest's Holy Focus, while er is used by the Phantom beginner and first job avoid skills, as well as DB's Mirrored Target.

    By variable names, I'd assume all the stats converted to damage are like the Bucc card.
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  2. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    Is there any one stat ranked "higher" than others or do we have the same chance of getting any of these?

  3. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    Do circulators affect all lines or just one? If we get the auto-S rank circulators does it affect the first line? Is the best circulator to use the most expensive one available?

  4. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    No probability data, sorry.

    Dunno, haven't gotten more than one line before, so I wanna say yes, but I don't know, and I assume so, and I'm pretty sure higher ranked circulators are always the best to use. They're ranked from 10 to 2, where 10 is the lowest, and then there's the Special Circulator which takes the place of Rank-1, and each of them claim to be better than the previous, the Special Circulator says a better one has yet to be found. My only experience with circulators higher than 10 was the one time I bought a Rank-9 and ended up with a B Rank inner ability, something I've never managed with 10, but that could just be luck I suppose. In a few hours, we'll find out, though.

    Oh wait, answer to second question is yes, if you mean first line as in the first one you get (the bottom one):

    Ultimate Circulator
    Ancient technology that possesses the mysterious power to change one's Inner Ability. The bottommost Inner Ability will only be reset to S-Rank.

  5. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    10% STR to DEX
    10% DEX to STR
    10% INT to LUK
    10% LUK to DEX

    I'm going to assume these abilities take 10% of the base stats and not total?

  6. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    So really the best thing to do is farm the hell out of azwan for the honor and not spend a single coin until you reveal the second line. I do hope we get the S rank circulator because a lot of these are really very good, but it's going to be really annoying to get something good if there's an equal chance. Really depends on how easy it is to get coins i guess.

  7. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    The description for all of them state the following "Increases XXX in proportion to AP assigned to XXX.", so yes, just base stats. Updated table to reflect this.

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    Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    from what i've understood, circulators refresh ALL your lines, and going by nexon's description, the higher the circ, the better, but i'm not too fond of believing them, considering there's an instant S-rank circulator so... *shrugs*

  9. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    You can only get a maximum of 150 coins a day, dunno how long that will take though.

  10. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    I don't know about Easy and Normal, but on the livestream, Hard mode was giving 5 coins per clear and 1 coin per fail.

  11. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    Hmmm. 5 per? That may take a while. How long for a solo run does it take at that level, and how long if in a party?

  12. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    That, we will never know. Especially since the speed is solely based on the funding of the solo player / party group.

  13. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    Increase Skill Targets

    What skills does this apply to?
    Will this just cause people to crash like a combat ordered marksman?

  14. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    I was wondering this, because holy cow if it applies to hurricane type skills. I'm going to bet it only applies to mobbing skills though.

  15. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    IIRC, it only applies to skill that hit 2+ monsters, so single target skills won't be affected.

  16. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    From KMS videos, hard mode seems reasonable with a decent party/soloable with decent gear.
    Hell mode on the other hand, seems nearly impossible to solo.

  17. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    I don't think the harder modes activate until you're at level 30 honor anyway at which point you're just farming coins.

    @Dark Link; I'm sure contagious could pull off a fast run of hell mode for coin farming. 5 emperor coins per run sounds delicious.

  18. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    If we can get a decent group for it, I'm totally up for it!

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    Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    don't you get emperor coins at hard level too?

  20. Default Re: All Aswan Inner Abilities

    any inner ability that converts up to 50% of mp to hp and viceversa? i think i read it on one of the blogsites



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