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  1. Default Mage damage is glitched

    Mage skills appear to do max damage on every hit of every skill to other people, and they do, apparently. lol.

    Either that or they hit 1's on every hit. Some weird glitch that makes them do that. They see their own damage as normal, though.

    A bunch of my guildies saw mages hitting cap in 2nd job, and I myself saw a level 120 Phantom hitting cap on CL (so it's tied with the actual skills, not the job).

    Apparently they actually DO do max damage, but I'd need more confirmation on this myself.

    Solo all the bosses?

    Images of problem

  2. Default Re: Mage damage is glitched

    How new and interesting.

  3. Default Re: Mage damage is glitched

    People at LHC look like they're having fun. Every map is wiped because everyone 1-2 hits crockies.

  4. Default Re: Mage damage is glitched

    Do people even look through threads? There's a massive glitch and bugs thread already made with this already being reported.




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