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  1. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful

    Default GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    (Updated to post #417)
    Note that these bugs were collected from all posters to this thread, so the "I" in different bug descriptions refers to different people.

    1) I can't open the 8 slot PQ bag. It says "You cannot open the bag again." I'm not sure whether it's the 4 herb bags or the coin bag I already have that's glitching it.

    2) NPC Conor is not accessible through "Quick Move", but is still in (some?) towns.

    3) "Challenge Accepted: Clear Monster Park 3 times!" quest is not available for high levels (I've only tried levels 175 and up). Turns out Nexon ninja-edited the "125+" out of the event notes.

    4) "Renegades Festival Every Day" quest is gone. Might be intentional, since it's not on the list of extended events.

    5) Silent Crusade doesn't always start at the beginning. For me it seems to start at Chapter 3. New characters get Chapter 1 at level 75.
    [Fixed Aug 16]5.1) Finishing a Chapter doesn't give Renegade Coins, as the patch notes say, only Crusade Coins.
    5.2) The mastery book you get from Chapter 3 of the Silent Crusade doesn't do anything for Jetts; it just disappears from your inventory leaving you nothing.

    6) Old pirate books can't be traded in. oops, we forgot Ninja-edit to update notes: event will start on the 16th.

    [Fixed Aug 16]7) Jett's Core Aura beginner skill is missing from its skills window. (But still appears in the skill window of the linked character). The skill's stats can be reset by using Star Dust, but the cash shop item that's supposed to fix them for a month does not work.

    [Fixed Aug 16]8) Leaving Golden Temple always sends one to Henesys. Same with Red Leaf High.

    9) Level 50 DB created using the BigWig coupon does not get the DB Ring. Existing DBs of any level can't get the quests for the new rewards. Edit: yet another ninja edit from Nexon. You guessed it, existing or Jumpstarted DBs aren't supposed to get anything but books and masks.

    10) World Map doesn't work in Masteria.

    [Fixed Aug 16]11) NPC Boss Kumi (access to Red Leaf High) is missing from most towns. She can be found in Sleepywood, Showa and NLC, but one can't advance from the Homeroom anyway.

    [Fixed Aug 10]12) Ranked mode Dojo bosses are sometimes unkillable (don't lose HP).

    [Fixed Aug 10]13) Monsters don't die if they are affected by a status ailment. (sometimes)
    I used blizzard/chain lightning on a bunch of orange mushrooms and they did not die when ever they became frozen or stunned. Instead they were left with 1 hp.

    [Fixed Aug 16]14) Arcane Aim never expires
    Instead it stays blinking (Similar to the way echo of hero last forever). Unlike Echo, however, the effect does disappear.

    15) Jetts do not get their own MMB from the advancement event. My other characters got the correct class MMB, but my Jetts got a plain old MMB.

    16) Summoning certain familiars sometimes causes me to be unable to pick up items, use items, go in a portal or use any skills. Have to log out and back in to fix it. Edit: speaking to any NPC that takes you to another map (such as Monster Park shuttle, Dimensional Mirror, Spinel, Boss Kumi) unblocks you.

    17) Mages (including BaMs) seem to do insta-kill or odd amounts of damage at random.
    Also, they don't see their damage as others see it. I was doing hpq with bishop and cannoneer. The bishop was spamming SR and saw normal damage numbers (although monsters that got stunned took no damage at all), but the cannoneer sometimes saw the bishop's damage numbers as 999,999 or 1.
    Fixed in August 10th USC.

    [Fixed Aug 16]18) Ergoth doesn't drop box, regardless of level.

    19) The spawn point is off when your character goes through the Cold Field II portal from Cold Field I (does not spawn at portal).

    20) Renegade Gems are not dropping. Edit: they do drop in Rav Temple
    21) Crystal Scales cost 1.3k instead of the announced 3k.

    22) Dual Blade character creation doesn't give choice of skin color. It's always white.

    23) Soul Driver's delay has been considerably shortened.
    On the other hand, Jett's Turret Deployment has become uselessly slow, and all other Jett skills have increased delays.

    24) The Simple Minimap isn't displaying map names correctly. A lot of times it's just the stuff before the colon, like "Mu Lung," "Herb Town," or "Hidden Street." Certain maps are okay though, like the Gonzo Gallery.

    25) People on Basil are saying that Time Leap shows up as lv10, but it still won't let you add SP past 5 (as it should be). For me, it just shows lv5, so IDK.

    26) The portal to fight Ravana keeps telling me to enter in ch 6 - 8, but ch6 doesn't work and 7 - 8 crashes. It's probably channels 7-9. But it does crash a lot.

    27) Seemlingly, the final quest at the new DualBlade Tutorial is slightly bugged. When you go to lady Syl for the first time, she tells me to collect my thoughts. The Poison-effect disappeared, and you have to redo the quest. It fixes itself at the second time.

    28) attempting to turn in "The Hut in the Swamp" Dual Blade quest, I get a "The quest has ended due to an unknown error." popup. Edit: a workaround is to talk to Ryden in the DB area of town.

    29) When you hit a mob with Octopunch there is a delay in the sound effect.

    30) Evan's Soaring Dragon skill has... a really odd glitch. Normally after activation, you can drop out of it by not holding down the jump button. Currently, you'll dismount Mir, but continue in the same trajectory, and you can't cancel out of it. So you just continue the normal jump animation, just in a glide.

    31) Both forms of Castellan (Toad) have Mano's boss icon on their boss health bars.
    31.1) Bosses have Chinese names next to their HP bar/mob icon.
    31.2) Hilla doesn't have a boss icon at all.

    32) There is no limit on the new silent crusade boss dungeons. He said when you reach 15th runs you can still enter and the count will go start at -1. Edit: The limit appears to be 20

    33) CWKPQ crashes channels upon entering the stage after test of wit.

    34) Muddy Sprout monsters still drop 7th Anniversary boxes. So do all monsters in past leafre.
    34.1) Aliens in NLC drop the Tachions needed for Protect Ludibrium quest (when the quest is active).

    35) Mechanics crash when trying to attack during Dramatic Escape quest in the Alien Base in NLC.

    36) Phantom mastery books have disappeared from Renegades Shop again.

    37) Some chairs, maybe only the ones that cover the front of your character (or go in front of your character) have parts disappear if you leave the map and re-enter with someone already sitting in them.

    37.1) Other glitches involving these kinds of chairs are visible to the one sitting in the chair. These glitches include the chair flickering on and off, or the character and chair appearing in a different position than their initial one. At least one of these glitches can be reliable reproduced by equipping a totem in the leftmost slot. See posts #490-494 for video, images, and detailed explanations.

    38) MLTC doesn't allow me to do Ranked mode after I tried normal once and hard twice (DC-ed in the middle of hard, Windia 11 completely died for a while). Shouldn't it be hard 3 times and ranked 3 times a day, based on what the text says?

    39) Nack's shop (in Ardentmill) is sometimes missing the invitation tickets to the secret mine and herb patch. Relogging causes them to return.

    40) The Ornate Chest NPC is sometimes missing from the room you are sent to when you find the random spawning one. Also, when it is found, attempting to buy anything (except the quill or ink, per quest) says you are out of stock.

    41) The new Drum Bunny mini dungeon portal doesn't take you inside the dungeon. Instead, it redirects you to the floor about the portal's map.

    42) Shinsoo's Call quest cannot be completed because the NPC does not react to exiting the map, waiting out the time/leaving expedition does not fix this.

    43) Alien Socket Creator is missing from some NPC shops that used to have it, such as the NLC potion shop.

    44) The Mini Cygnus Knight cash weapons appear twice in the cash shop, once on page 2 and again on page 18.

    45) Using a Pegasus mount causes you to lose all your buffs on demount.

    46) Using an All-Cure Pouch can cause character to freeze up and be unable to use skills and potions, or even respawn after dying.

    47) The quest "The antidote" for lvl 70+ in Omega Sector is broken. You can finish the first part, collecting 50 mateon's tentacle but after that it wont let you start the next one. If you relog it will reset and you can do it again. This bug started around Renegade patch but is still here.

    48) In Sleepywood, the Quick Move menu shows a lot of icons but only the Dimensional Mirror and Part-Time Job Reward NPCs work.

    49) Character Card bugs:
    - My S Rank Cannon Master card doesn't work. Whenever I die I lose 9% Exp, when I should be losing 5%.
    - When in Party play areas (LHC, SDH), and in mostly in party quests to, my S rank Evan card heals my MP even when I didn't even touch the monster.

    50) Phantom can't complete the Hero's Will quest. Carta insists it hasn't completed the 4th job advance.

    51) Character faces will sometimes get stuck in a blink state or eyes closed state

    52) Maria is missing from Maple Island, so you cant complete the quest.

    53) Pixiemom, Pepe Queen, and Black Knight's Mystic Gates have been removed as of the Silent Crusade re-revamp. This can be a problem for those who haven't earned their cards yet. Also, the Coco card does not work. If you click it in inventory it simply disappears without being registered in the Codex.

    54) You are "immune" to stun while chaining rushes on a brawler. you still see the stun animation but the stun doesnt affect you while you rush chain.

    55) When going to Horntail's second pre-head, the entrance is now at the portal instead of the right side of the map. first pre-head is fine.

    56) "Chill Thrill" event day count seems bugged. Some people get the quests for completion of several days right when they log in, or get "3rd day done" as soon as they open the first chest.

    57) Ignore Magic Defense is not working properly in some cases. Ambition seems to give only Ignore Physical Defense (data gathered so far: works for Hero, does not work for Evan and BaM). Some skills of magic-using classes claim to ignore def but do not.

    58) Jetts don't get the pocket slot quest when they get to level 30 Charm.

    59) Ignore Def on some Battle Mage skills does not work. Also, the Ignore Def from Ambition appears to ignore only Physical defense, but not Magical. In effect, Ambition's Ignore Def does not work for all magician classes.
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  2. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Can't trade in old pirate books. GG

  3. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    I don't see a book exchange for pirates. Only DBs. Thanks, Nexon. Guess I'll be stuck with lv10 of my main mobbing move for a while.

    T>Octopunch 30 for any Buccaneer Blast or Crossbones book in Bera

  4. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Herp Derp! Can't trade my old pirate books, sitting on 2 Snatch books. Great stuff. Bucc blast books are so expensive >_>

  5. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    1.) Jett link skill is missing.

    2.) My character is receiving an empress blessing from the wrong character (I'm in a world alliance and it's taking my level 3 blessing instead of my 24...)

    I solved number 2 by simply deleting the character, but I realize this is probably not an option for most people.

  6. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful

    Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    I've still got it on my Hero. Might only be missing for pirates? Try going on your Jett and reassigning the skill?

  7. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    I literally mean that the skill is gone from my Jett's beginner skill set.

  8. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    -I'm not getting the Silent Crusade questline at all on my 105 DK, and my 126 Jett's questline is on Chapter 3 by default.
    -As mentioned before, Jett's link skill is missing from the skill window.
    -Not sure if you need to level up a DB from 1 to 50, but I'm not getting the Dual Blade Ring on my DB from using the character creation coupon from the BigWigs gift boxes.

  9. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    - Going to Golden Temple and leaving sends you to Henesys
    - I see no way to get into the red leaf high thing

  10. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Silent crusade is now 120+, which solves your first problem.

  11. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    If you Hyper Teleport to a map, everything dies in 1 shot no matter what your range.

    I'm going to fraps my bishop doing 10ks to mobs and killing them o-o.

  12. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    That is a rather odd glitch O.o
    Seems like it would be very exploitable.

  13. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Completing a silent crusade chapter doesn't give you renegade coins like it says in the patch notes. It gave me silent crusade coins only.

  14. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Dojo Bosses are frequently unkillable (Health never drops). Did hard mode without issues, ranked glitched twice.

    Edit: Seeing as this was on an Evan, I suppose this mage damage formula glitch could be the cause, though it was attacked for quite a while. Makes sense since other people aren't having this issue.
    Last edited by ODERS; 2012-08-08 at 03:09 PM.

  15. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful

    Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    World map no longer works in Masteria.

  16. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

  17. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Oh, the update notes said the requirement was level 75.

  18. Neutron
    IGN: ShyBladder
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 19X
    Job: Blade Master
    Guild: Goomba
    Alliance: AdventureE

    Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Thunder Breaker skills no longer work with a dagger. RIP Dagger Breaker :<
    Edit: Actually, maybe not a glitch. Still something minor.

  19. Orbital Bee Cannon
    IGN: SaptaZapta
    Server: Kradia
    Level: 275
    Job: Hero
    Guild: Matriarchy
    Alliance: Peaceful

    Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Interesting. Doesn't seem to happen to me.

  20. Default Re: GMS v115 bugs & glitches

    Doesn't seem to work for me.



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