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  1. Default [Module] Big Bang | Cygnus skills

    Dawn Warrior (I)

    Dawn Warrior (II)

    Dawn Warrior (III)

    Blaze Wizard (I)

    Blaze Wizard (II)

    Blaze Wizard (III)

    Wind Archer (I)

    Wind Archer (II)

    Wind Archer (III)

    Night Walker (I)

    Night Walker (II)

    Night Walker (III)

    Thunder Breaker (I)

    Thunder Breaker (II)

    Thunder Breaker (III)
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    >=( So DW's got away with proper adv. combo?

  3. Polar Bear Gay Male
    IGN: danielcatu
    Server: yellonde
    Level: 121
    Job: Wind Archer
    Guild: Vendetta
    Farm: 765pro


    just tried Storm Break on tespia its pretty cool!

  4. Default

    Strikers are gonna rule after BigBang. ^.^

  5. Default

    well they got no brave slash so meh. It's also weird how DW will be getting a 3rd job sader skill at lv100 now though

  6. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
    IGN: Sn1perel1te
    Server: Bellocan
    Level: 152
    Job: Old School BM
    Guild: EbonSol
    Alliance: In One


    Nope, now that ACC is basically level based, they are forever to be stuck on bosses that are their lvl or lower, which is no good bosses.

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    Though, I did not say I was referring to bosses when I say they'll rule. Still, they're pretty much buffed there. ^^

  8. Default

    Which can be counted on one hand:
    - Normal Horntail
    - Chaos Zakum / Horntail
    - Pink Bean
    - Showa / Ninja Temple Bosses
    - Time Temple Mini Bosses

    And you don't get invited to killing these lolfailpronerd 2D bosses anyway, if you haven't invested at least 2000 dollars on NX Cubing these days... :')

    So just... don't bother about these bosses anymore...

    Cygnus are fine if you want to keep playing maple without NX...

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    The Echo Quest for 120 CK seems impossible now, it still requires hunting Black Scale from Zombies lvl 132 ...
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    I thought in KMS, there was a special area to hunt for them? Unless I'm wrong, that is.

  11. Default

    Hunt it with someone else.

  12. Mercury
    IGN: Zero Two
    Server: Everywhere
    Level: 000
    Job: Mind Control
    Guild: Dark Matter Legion
    Alliance: Dark Mind


    I think there is somewhere that you fight Decaying Coolie Zombies lv57 but i dont know if they have the black scales.



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