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Thread: Obscenity

  1. Exclamation Obscenity

    Google just suspended our ad account due to the 4 year old "Anime Girl Image Challenge #2" thread.

    This is why the obscenity rule exists people. Any of you who have been around long enough to remember that thread will probably have considered that a fairly tame thread, yet it was still enough that I've had to file an appeal and am stuck hoping that it gets read by a human being with an ounce of sense who can recognize that we most definitely are not violating their terms.

    Enforcement of the obscenity rule going forward is reverting to full force, no warnings, guaranteed deletion.

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    Well, Google isn't Nexon at the very least, so maybe we have a chance? :/

  3. Default Re: Obscenity

    Personal gripe but I feel like the obscenity shouldn't be enforced as an infraction unless it's full on pornography. There are a lot gray areas concerning this, especially since maplestory is in itself becoming more provocative, with that latest "bust" screenshot.

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    What part of this "minor infraction" costing us a minimum of ~3 days worth of the funding that keeps the site running makes it seem like something to take lightly?
    Anything a user can do that can literally kill the site deserves an infraction at the least. You can walk away from an infraction, we can't away from lack of funding.

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    I think the obscenity rule should stay enforced the way it is and enforced harder with increasing occurrences. One reason would be to reduce e-penorism.

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    I feel like a strict "shoot on sight" policy would make our forum seem unforgiving and restricted. I feel a 3 warning to 1 infraction ratio would be a better implementation, as long as the picture get's deleted we should be fine, but the way you go about it can have two polar opposite messages. Obviously I can imagine one pimento who feels the need to spam thinking he's entitled to "FREEDOM OF SPEECH@@@", but we don't want morons like that on here anyway.

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    Out of all those sites with Google ads, nevermind the completely inappropriate content found IN Google ads, they picked Southperry? I'm at loss of words.

    What can I say? I can see where you're coming from.

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    1) An infraction is not a ban. But it makes it clear we are serious, and the Obscenity rule is not a joke like the easily-circumvented curse filter.
    2) We are unforgiving and restricted when it comes to inappropriate content that can get the site shut down.

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    So how does this apply to sections of the forums devoted to games? For example, if I posted a picture of Queen of Pain, is that subject to censorship under the obscenity rule? And does that stretch to an in-game image that includes her in full dress? (i.e., a bikini more or less)
    Same would go for a post-game screenshot of a game of LoL where someone is playing Vayne and uses her Heartseeker skin. Is that post-game screenshot "obscene" since it shows Vayne in a pink and red bra?

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    The obscenity rule is not pick and choose - It applies universally to every forum, every blog, every social group, every visitor message. If it's an area other people can see it, the rule is in force.

    We are not playing the "does this count" game, because if you have to ask if it counts, it probably counts.

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    I feel as though a stain on an account for 90 days (I think that's the limit) is harsh for a first time offender, especially if the general context is innocent enough. An example being a guy going around interviewing people, some of them are in bikin's. Deletion get's the job done, as does a warning explaining why. If it's repeated than obvioulsy they deserve an infraction essentially saying "We're tired of your pomegranate".

    It also leaves to question what we're gonna do about blade and soul, as by it's very nature is a MA game to begin with :|

    @Eos; I'd nuke the current threads within the blade and soul forum, besides the latest one. I'm not sure what would be over the line but I did a slight scan of it and I didn't leave anything remotely sexual in my perspective

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    don't think his point is "does this count or not" but rather "what do we do about these games that feature skimpy clothing on their own?"

    heck, you remember that picture of the JMS christmas girl don't you?

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    That's what I figured.
    I just hadn't seen the rule enforced at all at least on things like the Vayne example so I was wondering if there was something that I was missing in regards to the games that do this already.

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    Well this blows. Good luck Eos!

    Last edited by Zelkova; 2013-03-11 at 11:53 AM.

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    Oh god, not this thread again. Circular arguments ahoy!

    Hopefully google did it by accident :(

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    The two faces of Google: Suspends Southperry's ad account -> provides archived version of the thread.

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    Would it be beneficial to remove the other (old) similar threads from SP?

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    Well thats frustrating... as someone who was planning on tapping into Adsense its a bit disheartening to see how uptight they are.

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    Jeeze that's silly.
    I've been getting ads for a "Roman Orgy" here for a few weeks, but this is what they throw a fit over? >_>



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