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  1. Default [1.2.157] The new boss(es)

    Elin Forest and Time Temple monster cards added
    New music for Time Temple, including boss area music. The boss music is really cheesy. I feel like I'm playing FFVIII all over again.

    New music -->
    Pass: Fiel -

    This is what the boss music sounds like to me (clicky!)

    Forging Combinations






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    Okay so, Time Temple's boss is a Pink Pikachu and some Statues? o_o Looks like one hell of a battle, thanks Fiel.

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    Those longcoats would be very nice to scroll. :3

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    I just downloaded the music, it's pretty good. It feels like 'epic' music. Expecially the boss music. I lol'd at it's name, "fightingpinkbeen". XD

    Edit: Okay, "Remembrance" sounds like Legend of Zelda pomegranate. D:
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    Uh, it's probably a mistake. Either way, last year they released those pink tubes as part of the summer event, and there was one for each kind of weapon. They have expiration dates however making them less than amazing.

    I wonder what that Golden accessory is...

    so this thing really is the boss, huh? And we never even thought that those statues could be part of it. Seems obvious now, I even remember staring at them and thinking "They sure look suspicious." It never occurred to me that they might be monsters though. It also looks like they have some more new Monster Skills.

    Oh, and can you see if they added Monster Book cards for Elin Forest mobs? Last I checked those didn't have cards either.

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    Isaac, Monster Book cards for Elin forest was the first thing I said in my post. >_>

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    I saw Time Temple but I completely missed Elin somehow X_X

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    I can't believe how much HP those bosses have, all of it is in the billions oO.
    How much HP does horntail have compared to all of these bosses? I assumed that you have to take down every boss to win right?

    Also, does anyone have a picture of what the map looks like?

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    I just counted - it's a little over 4B HP.

    Also, the maps were already rendered by someone else.

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    I forgot who, but someone had a download for the maps, unless new ones were added. o_o
    The maps were uploaded here, were any new maps added?

    4 Billion HP? Holy sweet Jesus! That's twice that of Horn Tail.
    2.1b HP on one mob.... Damn.
    50 million Experience... That'd level you from 1 to your 80s. o___o;;
    I want to see the drops. :P

    First off, what's "???"? o_o
    Second, why must they make every freaking boss Stronge/Immune to every freaking element? <_< Do they really hate Paladins/Arch mages/Bishops that much? <_<
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    It's weird, there's a declaration for element "P". I'd guess it means piercing damage, but I'm not sure.

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    Poison? o.0 Or are bosses just immune to Poison by default?

    **For some reason, when I read "element 'P'", I thought "Chemical 'X'". **

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    No, Poison is S

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    "S"? How do they get "S" from Poison? o_o

    Heh, maybe the "P" stands for Pikachu? :P

    Also, what's with the level 180 mob having 1 HP? o_o

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    Pre-boss. Like a timesphere.

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    It has 4.2 billion HP combined. Comparing that to Horntail, which has 2.1 billion HP, 2.75 you count the Pre-heads, that's about twice as much HP. And being stronger stat-wise as well, the little puffy thingy can almost dish out as much damage as Horntail's Leg (If I'm not mistaken, which I probably am, since I'm just comparing stats). It'll be a challenge. Well, probably not...

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    So why does he have all those skills? Unless he's aggressive...
    Damn! Pikachu on steroids!

    Got the Music downloaded, and I have to say it's fitting, suckish, but fitting. :P
    Very calm... unlike Leafre. :O

    Oooh, I have to say, I like the Duskofgod.mp3. <3

    FightingPinkBeen is SSB all over agian. XD
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    Pink Been is probably the boss' name lol.

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    Pinky's touch damage is slightly less than HT's tail. For a comparison, Anego (who has 14k+ touch) has 1200 WATT. This thing has 1700.

    Requesting sig with that thing in it.



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