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  1. Default People being hacked since the last Server Check.

    Does this go under Maplestory Discussion? I do not know, this is my first thread.
    I wanted to ask South Perry if anybody has been, or knows of anybody who has been hacked since the SC yesterday.
    This is motivated by the fact that 4 people central to my alliance were all hacked within a 5 hour time span last night, as well as several more on my buddy list.
    I am looking for possible reasons that they were hacked, and am not trying to incite a panicked "Oh no, I'm going to be hacked!" thread. This is not a "let's panic and jump to irrational conclusions" thread I stole that from Eos.
    None of them were on the "list". Nor were they on the "extended list" because none of them have used the MTS for over 3 months.
    The weakest password among them was 9 characters.
    Only tradeable items were taken, and in almost all cases only off of the highest level character on the account.
    All nx was used to buy items in the MTS (transfer nx to the hacker, probably) instead of buying soks for items that were worth more than the nx.
    Any characters on Scania were also stripped...indicating the hacker is either from Scania, or did not know what world the account information was for and worked his way down the servers.

    Can SP help provide any further information on this? It would be great to see a preventable trend here.

    Edit: I found one of the hackers...his name is random blabber. He's been hacking people and selling their stuff in his mushy. I found all of one of my friend's stuff in there, sold for hundreds of mil below the actual price.

    Edit 2 : More information. One of the hacked people changed her password every 2 weeks and literally used her computer for nothing but Maple, meaning nothing else was even downloaded on it.
    Several of them had never played other Maple games. Others had.
    So far I have able to confirm with at least one of them that he had never done surveys (account had been banned before), and he had also never used the MTS. He doesn't even know how to use it.

    Edit 3: I have more information.

    I decided to stalk the person who hacked my alliance members. I traced him back to his mushy, poorly titled "buy of offer". On a hunch, I decided to check the adjacent markets to see if I could find other similar mushies. Lo and behold, each adjacent mushy had a "buy of offer" mushy in it as well, all at door spots.
    I followed up and searched the names on the rankings.
    All level 16 evans dressed with purple bandannas. Interesting, no? They target evo rings and never sell items for more than max, probably to avoid the effort of using other forms of currency.

    And a question: Is is true that on sites not using HTTPS, each time you input an incorrect password for an ID, the site gives the correct password, but encrypted? This password isn't seen, it has to be accessed, assuming this is true. Just from talking to a friend.

    Edit 4: There is a server check coming up. People have been almost exclusively hacked within the 48 hours following a sc, so I'll follow up on this and report what I find back here.

    Again, this is not to blow things out of proportion, but to try and identify a trend or cause to the hackings that can be prevented.
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  2. Default

    We got someone in our alliance that got hacked last night, but after finding the hacker trying to trade stuff out, he got scared and ran off. Guy lost all of his rings as well as a few other valuable stuff from his chars, but he could have lost everything if we didn't manage to track his whereabouts.

    As for why this is happening, I don't have a clue. And yes, he wasn't on the list either.

  3. Default

    I would love to catch one of these hackers and figure out how they're doing it. As of now, I need more leads before I can come up with something conclusive.
    Trying to figure out if this is done mostly through hacking or mostly through security gaps in the player's account.

  4. Default

    Well this whole list thing scared people so they might have hid items on mules. After nexon says its fixed the hackers already have the info and were just waiting for you to move items back

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    I'm guessing VPMS, that from the nature of his hacks (from a basilthread) seems to trick people into keyloggers.

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    We'd need a lot more reports to start believing it to be a security breach.

  7. Default

    Do you know any of his tricks? I can ask the hacked people if they've come across anything even remotely similar to it.

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    Might want to get rid of that, considering that accusations (even if proven, it's still an accusation right?) are against the rules.
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  9. Default

    Mkay, done. Thanks for the heads up.

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    A basiler reported that his firefox had opened a new tab stating "Hacked by VPMS of Scania" with a hoodie guy kind of similar to that Assasins Greed character. There was also some weird music playing at the website.

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    Not saying that could not be possible, but it sounds ridiculous, and thankfully does not match the any of the hacked people I know of.

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    A guildy of mine was also hacked last night, same exact situation, only tradeable things (his rings, boots, earrings) were taken. He was a frequent user of MTS, however, but was not on the public list.

    This is in windia server, btw. I have no idea how they could have got his account information.

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    There has been a few in my alliance but not due to the MTS hack more so the sleepywood one :)

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    Do any of you have this encounter? Today I was told that I would get hacked because I looted this guys Mesos bag or something. After I looted he started laughing and telling me he was going to hack my stuff. Anything related to that? Just curious so I can take precaution.

  15. Default

    I'm not sure if you're being serious o.o
    If you are, don't you think that's a little too dumb?

  16. Default

    Yes I know it sounds absolutely ridiculous but with all the non-sense everyone here seems to be going through, I thought I'd point it out just in case someone finds a similarity. I mean after all it seems like people are getting hacked out of no where.

  17. Default

    My bf just got hacked and he have no idea how that happend, he never goes into websites that may contain keyloggers, so yeah I guess nexon is just pineappleing up their customers even more

  18. Default

    The recent string of hackings is all the more reason to be rational about what could be putting us at risk. Naturally hackers are going to exploit people's paranoia through petty power plays such as this. I don't begin to consider such stories as credible until I've heard them several times through completely unrelated sources, so as of now this has 0 credibility.

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    I have a feeling whoever is doing these hackings has no idea what they're doing.
    A friend of mine got hacked recently, and all his traceable items were taken and sold WELL below market price.(His 27 att VSS were sold for 2b, etc.) Also, his untradeable items werenb touched(40 all chtp, 15% czak etc.)

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    The same thing happened to the people I know. Since I posted this, 3 more people in my alliance were hacked in a similar fashion. All tradeable items gone, all nx used in the MTS to purchase arrows. Whoever is doing this is either a single person or part of a group that's following a specific routine.
    In two of the cases, even tradeable items were not taken; only mesos were. That appears to be the first priority of the hackers.



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