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  1. Default Zakum battle question

    I've done all the quests and i've got the ball which summon him but i need to know few things:
    1. Is it possible to solo him with Lvl 127/128 phantom?
    2. how much damage he gives while attacking?
    3. Which arms i need to take off first?

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    1. It all depends on your gear. The arms have about 30m hp each, and the bodies have 60, 80, and 110m hp IIRC. Can you do that in 50 minutes? Take into account that you might spend some time stunned or clearing the room of summons, and that zakum can Cancel Weapon Attack for 30 seconds at a time.

    2. Maximum magic attack is about 3k, except for 1/1. The bodies used to be deadly to touch for low-HP classes, but I don't know if that's still so. Probably safest to just not touch them.

    3. Second arm from the bottom on the left is the curse arm. It does Seal and Darkness and Weaken, none of which are fun. (Don't forget your All-Cures!) Both top arms do MP Drain. Most people just attack in whatever order their skills make most convenient.

    Good luck.

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    I did Pap in 5 minuts if i remember it right... Damn i should find people to do it with them :(

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    Just a few tips for a low-level phantom zak solo:
    * Make sure you have at least 1 point in Vol D'Ame so that you can steal at least every other super w.def up
    * Steal a magical attack (I used Chain Lightning) to use during the super w.def ups that you can't steal (when Vol D'Ame is on CD)
    -> CL is also great in that it often bounces up to hit the summons when they first appear.
    * Tempest can be double-cast. Just listen for the 6th or so "whoosh" sound to know when it's about to expire, and quickly retap the key. Tempest can hit all the arms if you stand in the middle. However, it can be kinda awkward when you do this since you have to move to hit more during the CD.
    * During the arms, I used the stolen skills: 1st = Anything, 2nd = Rage, 3rd = Holy Symbol, 4th = Combo Attack.
    -> Note here that I made my own build which consisted of getting Impeccable Memory to level 17 ASAP so that Combo Attack would be 5 orbs @ 5% each.
    * During the body, I used the stolen skills: 1st = Anything, 2nd = Rage, 3rd = Combo Attack, 4th = Rapid Fire / CL
    -> Right before the 3rd body dies, you switch Combo Attack out for Holy Symbol.

    Good luck!

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    I dont have a lot of money so i cannot afford myself Impeccable Memory higher than 10
    Right now i have Col lvl 15, one of the skill that i can max fast.
    Well, i think when i will be at lvl 130 ill try my luck over there... :S

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    I used to bump into body a lot on my Evan before I started using Flame Wheel a lot, it's not really all too dangerous anymore.

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    About the Tempest double casting, they changed it so the 2nd Tempest cast doesn't do any damage, even though it shows numbers. I never deal damage with the 2nd cast anymore.

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    Ah, my bad. I haven't done the double cast for a few weeks, mainly because I haven't done zak / kenta PQ in that long. I was just going off of memory from the first week or two of Phantom's release. Thanks for the info!

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    Can you tell me how much HP each arm have and how much HP each body have?

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    See here:

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