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    These comics will contain spoilers, grand levels of wth, and most of all, GRADIENT BACKGROUNDS.
    Basically I've decided with this KMST patch, comes a lot of moments that would look funny in comic form, so I am going to make a few and throw them all here... Finished one today, but due to being the 4th of July, I don't think I'll have time to finish a second one today. Should be up tomorrow, if not, Friday at latest.

    I might do more of stuff not related to the patch later... depends on how much time they end up taking over all....

    Our heroes working well.....

    I lied , here's another for you SP:

    Well he can't be called that ALL the time...

    He's back in style, as usual.

    Eric was GM exclusive you guys. ):

    He would have to have a friend first Phantom....
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    Default Re: Little dumb comics

    haha i like it :D

    I find the look on Luminous' face to be really funny for some reason.
    BUT WHERE IS MERCEDES? you could have drawn her knocked out on the floor with a bump on her head or something, it would have been a really funny background joke.

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    Yeah, I left her out because her pose was weird for me. Maybe next time I can get it right, but me + chibi+ ACTUAL POSES = nightmare at the moment.

    Hopefully the next comic will let me flex this a bit more.

    EDIT: I updated anyway...

    Edit: 7-11 New comic up!
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    Updated! I'm probably just gonna update this every so often or forget about it?, so if you want to read them at a faster pace, I have a site for them now.



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