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Thread: [MS2] Maplestory 2, Aanyeong

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    Long time, no see, friends!

    So with the release of the MS2 client, I downloaded it and started looking at the files. I will be posting here any and all updates that I get regarding these files as well as my unpacking endeavors.

    So far I've got almost the entire format figured out. It's very simple, and I like it simple. Approximately 70% of the files are encrypted. However, the encryption looks to be a simple cipher that I might be able to crack. I'm still analyzing this, but it will take some time. At least the files that are encrypted have an "encrypted" flag set on it so I can skip over them. Perhaps the more frustrating thing is that the client is packed with Themida meaning I won't be able to get much from it.

    So right now here's what I have:
    - Some map images (backgrounds, parallax mapping, minimaps)
    - NPC images
    - UI elements
    - Some formulas
    - Interesting Excel files
    - Animations (stored in GameBryo nif format)

    There's probably a lot more. I just don't have a mass unpacker like I do for Maplestory 1. The Maplestory 2 formatted files are completely different, and MS1 unpackers are definitely not compatible with MS2.

    Currently sound is packed in a different sort of archive and it will take a while for me to figure out. I'm deprioritizing it because right now all of the interesting stuff (XML files) are the encrypted files, and it's the encrypted files that interest me.

    I have to leave for work in about 45 minutes, so I'll post all I can before then. Allow me to save some posts and I'll get to uploading.

    As a preliminary sort of thing, if you want to see the images I'll be dumping, please download a DDS viewer. I found this one to be very basic but sufficient.

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    This is probably the easiest stuff to post, however it has the most duplicated data. You will understand what I mean when you read it. It looks like the formulas went through several iterations.




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    La Lata hace musica en toda parte de la vida. Escuchen a La Lata para que nos brinde la felicidad.

    There are other LUA files as above, but what you see there is perhaps the more interesting things. I can post the other LUA files later.

    Interesting Excel Files:
    Gfx: (WARNING: Requires a DDS viewer)
    Images: (WARNING: Requires a DDS viewer and TGA viewer)

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    Long live Fiel.

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    GAH Ty for the images Fiel! This is what I have been waiting for!


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    And glory to la lata!

    Nice to see you extracting again. Knda feels abit nostLgic. Currentp on my cel but ill get t thrm formulas soon

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    I love that art style. I kind of wish the game looked like that. Kind of reminds me of Bastion.

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    God, that is creepy.

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    All the skill previews that are in the data right now, bad quality because they're tiny little videos and no sound because I have no idea how to make them work :<

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    JC_Newbie = 1
    JC_Knight = 10
    JC_Berserker = 20
    JC_Wizard = 30
    JC_Priest = 40
    JC_Ranger = 50
    JC_HeavyGunner = 60
    JC_Thief = 70
    JC_Assassin = 80
    JC_GM = 999

    Looks like we will be getting plenty of classes in the future.

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    Means nothing.

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    The fact that you guys are being capable to extract all these info so fast... how does that speak for the security of the game? can you guys tell us if MS2 will be harder/easier/the same to plague with hacks as MS1 currently is?

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    I'm doing what I can for videos.

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    That entirely depends on how much of what's in the client is informational vs actual game mechanics.
    If modifying the client lets you change the way the game behaves, it's the exact same craptacity as M1.

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    The security on the files I was able to get was abysmal. It was to the point of "not packed". It only took me about 30-45 minutes to figure out the format using only static analysis.

    Now I'm trying to figure out the encryption. This is turning out to be a ROYAL pain in the ass - much more than I had bargained for. I'm brute forcing the encryption using a KPA.

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    I'm using a tool called guessfsb to try to guess the encryption key on the BGM FSB file.

    It's going to be a while.

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    Is guessfsb compatible with FSB5?

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    Shoot. It said its compatible with FSB4. Are they using 5 in this?



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