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  1. Default The direction of this website

    Hi guys,

    As you can tell, these forums are not quite in order yet. There's a lot of development that still needs to be done. I've read a lot of your posts, and I am taking many of those posts into consideration. This site should be a lot different by the end of the week and for the better. There will be new boards and a more firm moderation policy on what is allowed and what isn't (kinda letting things slide here for a bit until that happens). I fully plan for this site to be almost a Sleepywood clone except for my own tweaks to make me better able to post extractions and obviously different staff.

    Also, I'm getting tired of reading about all of the Adura and Sleepywood bashing. Let bygones be bygones, guys. Let it go. This is a new beginning for everyone and bringing in old hurts won't really help. Don't make this forum into the anti-Sleepywood forum, because many people still like the place as do I. This website is about Maple news, data extractions, and fact-finding. Please leave it at that.

    I hope you all have been enjoying the website so far. Please let your friends know that I'm here and not over at Sleepywood so that they know where to get the best information!

    Also, I thought I'd introduce you guys to the other administrators:

    Flowsion - A good friend of mine. He allowed me as a dev on his private server and we've worked together ever since. He's even helped a LOT with getting this boards set up, and I couldn't have done it without him.

    WandererWillow - He's my brother. Willow here does IT after going through the Marines for four years, and he's helping me with web design and content management. He's 23 and sorry ladies, he's taken.


  2. Totally Quit
    IGN: SubIimity
    Server: Mardia
    Level: 156
    Job: Bishop
    Guild: Infamous
    Alliance: QUIT


    Well said. I hope it turns out to be exactly what you hope for.... sounds like it will grow and have a prosperous future.

  3. Default

    Last line of text is made of win, Paul.

    Being a "clone" of Sleepywood is fine, just as long as you don't let moderation conflict with in game problems like with mods and guilds on SW...

  4. Default

    I'd make a joke about pimping your site, but then I'd feel dirty and a bit cheated as I know I could do better than that...and who the hell puts a hot tub in a vehicle? Idiots...

  5. Electron
    IGN: Dog on head
    Server: Imaginationland
    Level: Classic Rock
    Job: Placing dogs on heads
    Guild: Pew pew, pew
    Alliance: Orbital Beam Cannon


    I woke up around the time you posted this, Fiel.

    Is this your fault? Your doing?

    Why does the clock say 8:42, Fiel?

    Why does the clock not say 11:30 or a larger series of numbers with the exception that it says PM, Fiel?

    Why did you wake me up 4 hours after I went to sleep Fiel?

    Why is the grass green, Fiel? CHLOROPLASTS? LIES!


    Anyway yeah cutting out the Sleepywood discussion would be great because it's funny how people break away from something yet other people want to bring it up again. It'll probably keep happening as more people come and will not read this post and be all like "dude wtp y u leaf sleepyforest".

  6. Default

    Mmkay I'll just cut the Adura discussions out :p Shouldn't be that hard.

  7. xDae


    Hearing ya loud and clear. Just hopin we can get this site on track to greatness

    Obviously people who want to feel relaxed as they drive....duh...

  8. Talking

    Good luck with the site. :D

  9. Default

    I suggest a bit of copying... not too much, but some bare-bones replication, especially in the "Ask the Magicians/Thieves/Bowmen/Warriors" threads in the specific forums. I've found these help avoid duplicate threads and give people a simple place where to ask questions. Hope this helps.

  10. Default

    I agree, but as Fiel stated he will try to copy SW for quite a few parts and everything is still under construction. If I posted all the things that we could use I'd be sitting here all day long :p

  11. Default

    Yea, this site will be like Sleepywood2, or the resurrection of the old SW.

    It already kinda looks like it, though that's not a concern.
    Guess you could say that being in a familiar looking forum is best for new comers and old comers.

    Oh well, I'll be jumping around with one to the other.
    Good luck with the direction of this forum Fiel.

  12. Default

    Well, will this new "SW" be hating on MT? :P

    Kidding aside, how about an introduction section for new people?

  13. Default

    Of course. It's terrrribleeeee. :)

    That's in the works.

  14. Default

    lol I like how you just said that :D

  15. Default

    I'm looking forward towards the new world forums =)

  16. Default

    Good to know the direction this forum is taking. I see lots of potential here and the growth rate of this forum as it is for a 2nd day is great as it is.

    I do have a few "ideas" for useful threads but I'll take that over to the site suggestions

  17. Default

    Oh pomegranate, he's gonna shoot people who break the rules. Or use that fancy sword. Do you actually get a fancy sword in the Marines?

  18. Default

    Nice to see Fiel doesn't drink haterade. xD

  19. Default

    lol haterade is actually an item in Kingdom of Loathing



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