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  1. Cash4 Falling Asleep

    Hello SP

    Umm I hav school starting in two months, and well I need to get my sleep back in order before then. How should I do this? The goal is sleep at 10 wake up at 6:10. I have no clue how to fix my sleep schedule, as I wake up at like 10-12 am and I don't get tired until like, now. 2:45 AM I know I am on vacation right now and I am 3 hours behind, but still. Bed at midnight and wake up at 7-10. Not good!!! I sometimes tak naps in th day which is not good either.

    Should I just like take sleeping pills or what.

    Sorry for typos, iPhone 3GS sucks balls.

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    Sleeping pills won't do good in the future; might as well try to stay in bed around 11 at first and then sleep earlier after consecutive days.

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    Set an alarm to wake you up at 6:10, and get up when it goes off. Take a shower, eat breakfast, go out for a jog - anything but fall back into bed or doze off in front of the TV or computer.

    Try not to nap during the day.

    You'll get tired earlier than usual, although not as early as 10. Go to sleep when you are tired, don't try to force yourself to sleep earlier. But do set up the alarm again for the next morning, and again, don't let yourself snooze it away.
    Within a few days you should be getting sleepy reasonably early.

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    Try what I do.

    When you get up, stay away from anything electronic for about an hour. Eat some breakfast, go run a bit and then you can do whatever. Your mind takes a while to wake up, electronics aren't exactly a good way to start the morning.

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    I usually take a vacation before school starts to readjust my sleep schedule. For the past 5 years before the start of University, I would take the weekend off and go for a 4-day/3-night camp trip, which forces me to sleep properly, and fills up the day so I get tired enough to break whatever bad habits I've developed. That being said, usually after school starts, I'm back into bad habits again, works to start me off refreshed for a school year.

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    dont sleep for the whole day, then go to sleep at a regular time the next night, always works for me.

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    This is relatively easy.
    Just get tired in the course of the day, excercise or something then DO NOT sleep during the day.
    Wait till 9 - 11 pm to go to bed, repeat this for a week or so and you're done. Works for me and a couple of people I have recommend this.

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    Pretty much this, if you exhaust yourself during the day you'll sleep much easier at night (seems fairly straightforward). I've had trouble sleeping lately but exercising during the early evening seems to work wonders. Not sure how old you are but I'd guess under 18, so sleeping for 8 or so hours is about right.

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    Also, it helps a lot if you eat at the time you need to be up, and don't eat during the time you want to be asleep. Expecting a meal seems to be a good way of making it easy to wake up.

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    Stop eating about 3-4 hours before you go to bed, it helps burn calories and also allows you to fall asleep quicker

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    ^Breakfast is awesome.
    Don't eat after some reasonable hour of the mid afternoon. Maybe an early dinner at 4, something like that. Eat a hearty breakfast promptly after waking up at 6:10.
    Caveat: New study, not backed fully by the might of peer review.

    As previously stated, shut off the electronics 30-60 minutes before bed. Read a book or something. Don't sleep during the day. Wake your ass up when you should be getting up. Don't laze and snooze.
    Allow at least a week for traditional method of swiftly altering your sleep time or doing a gradual adjust.

    Don't pineapple things up on the weekend. If you should be getting up at 6 every morning, don't sleep in more than an extra hour or so on the weekend if you can avoid it (Gotta party sometimes). pomegranate just sets you back where you started.

    Maybe read up a little on sleep cycles.

    Lastly, this program is pretty awesome

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    Not surprised studies support it; anecdotally getting breakfast at the right time is a great fix.



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