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    this browser is amazing.
    I haven't had it for long, but the implementation and integration of everything works incredibly well.

    that's really all I have to say.
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    Do yourself a favor and get Opera.

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    Its a modded chrome. Filled with social networking junk <<

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    I know.

    and for the love of god, I will not get Opera.

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    You're the one missing out.

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    please tell me how Opera is superior, in as much detail as possible.
    I'm not even kidding

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    I prefer Chrome. Opera has a few features built in (torrenting is the only useful one I can think of. Mouse gestures are annoying.)

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    Personally my only advantages in using opera are;

    Opening bookmarks by keyword (including multiple bookmarks at once)
    Tabbed browsing with the ability to lock specific tabs so you don't close them accidentally (although it won't prevent you from closing the entire set of tabs via the window, which is stupid to me and it's one real gap in this feature).

    Soon as chrome can do those without an extension or having to write it myself, I'll probably ditch opera.

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    I don't get what you mean about opening bookmarks with keywords - chrome can do the same. if I bookmarked this site, or even visited it often, I could just type out "sou-", and then I would get an instant suggestion of going here.
    and the tab locking feature seems pointless. right click > re-open closed tab.

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    No, I type in "daily" and it opens seven bookmarks.
    I type in mwf, it opens another 5.

    Nothing to do with the name. You can actually name and group entire chunks of bookmarks.

    Reopening a closed tab is a pain in the ass when you can just not accidentally close it in the first place.

    "Pinned" tabs also only take up their icon's worth of space in your tab-bar, leaving more space for other 'temporary' windows so you can see what they are. This is helpful for me since I have at a minimum 4 pinned windows at all time on my primary browser window.
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    ooooh, I see. that sounds really nice, but it doesn't seem essential to my browsing. :p

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    You -can- pin tabs in Chrome.
    Keyword bookmarking sounds really nice.

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    Doesn't stop them from being closed though, whereas it does in Opera.

    It should be noted that right now and in my typical day I have open;

    Chrome: One window, two tabs.
    Firefox: One window, one tab
    Opera: five windows, 16 tabs
    IE: one window, one tab.

    I am probably not a typical user.

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    I actually tried pinning - you can't close them without right clicking.

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    CTRL-4 and ALT-4 both still close them.
    Opera also has a "close all tabs but active" that you can clean up a window with that'll leave behind the pinned.

    Close tabs to the right will save a pinned tab in Chrome, but in Opera my pinned tabs don't have to be to the right

    Actually looks like the "close other" leaves behind pinned tabs now in Chrome, so that may be moot, except for being able to organize pinned tabs wherever one wanted.



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