Hello guys. I've had some ideas on the Masteria alien invasion, and how I think it would be better.

1. Turn the Alien Base into a PQ. Remove all aliens that spawn in the jungle, and make those pouches from that quest drop from regular NLC mobs. The alien quests are all 50+ instead of 90+
2. Revamp the NLC maps so that everything has a pure spawn map, and no mixed spawn.

And now my ideas for the PQ (yes I know that most of them are based on quests we have.)
The PQ comes in 3 modes : Easy (level 50-69), Normal (level 70-119), and Hard (level 120+)
Stage 1 : Collect Lianium Ores by clicking on the stones (collect 20 to pass, then talk to the Roborider).
Stage 2 : Each person is inside a Roborider. There are 6 Alien Cogs. Each one drops a key, and you need all 6 to move on.
Stage 3 : Kill all the Alien Miners in the map (there are 40 of them, they're no longer just a recoloring of the Cogs. They have shovels which they use to attack you with.)
Stage 4 : Kill the Alien Soldiers for a Galactic ID card which you use to activate the computer. They have swords which they attack you with.
Stage 5 : You're at the entrance to the Alien Matter Cloner. Defeat the Alien Guard to pass by. The Alien Guard has a weapon attack buff and a magic attack buff. He also launches missiles at you.
Stage 6 : Galacto Drill. It no longer uses cancel weapon/magic, but the other skills remain.

Criticism/opinions are welcome.