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  1. Default Affirmative Action / Poverty / Oppression / Blame

    But you've never given us anything in the first place. The only thing we've ever wanted is for an equal playing field which has yet to be seen.

  2. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    You're right, it's not equal, it's in your favor.

  3. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    haha yea no, not even close the only thing your trying to refer to is affirmative action. You know that thing you all had way before it was given that name pre civil rights act. Please go take a trip to an inner city then go to the suburbs of that same city and tell me if it's equal. You live in Baltimore right? Should be real easy.

  4. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    You do know, because you have it. You have always had it. Neither you nor I can actually fathom the atrocities of that time, we live in the same world now. I could easily just got to Tennessee and experience the same ignorance in whites.

    Do you know why there is such a difference? Decisions per individual. America's the land of oppurtunity and the only oppurtunity they saw was welfare.

    Gays have less rights than African Americans, take a moment and sit on that for a sec.

  5. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    I think you're unclear on terms.
    Prior to then it would've been called 'preferential treatment'.

    "Affirmative action" is just a nice way of making 'preferential treatment' sound like a positive thing for anyone but the person getting preference.

    You'll have to explain for me how the living conditions between the inner city and suburbs have anything to do with affirmative action though. You may have no control over where you start in your life but you sure as hell have some degree of control over the destination.

    My family wanted out of government housing, so we worked our asses off to better ourselves and get ahead. Nobody came along and gave us a better place to live, gave us better jobs, gave us opportunities. We made them for ourselves and fought long and hard to get better.

    What's stopping anyone else in that condition from doing the exact same? Blaming your failings on others is just pardoning your own failings when you should be trying harder.

  6. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    Have we been here before? I think we've been here before.

    Not the point I was making you can go to any American city and see that trend. Wanna know the real differences they are stuck in the cycle of poverty just like any other poor person in any modern country. Most people don't live on welfare or live on poverty by choice. Most want to get out however getting out is extremely difficult.

    About gays having less rights there are black gays as well so double whammy? Your gonna have to explain in what rights other than marriage do they have less.

    @eos easier said then done you know when you've been there for multiple generations. As for the living conditions think for a second about all the things that constitute living conditions Health education housing.

  7. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    I do not believe you can honestly judge the percentage who do it by choice, or who want to change anything.

    I know far too many people who've determined they can make more on welfare or disability than they could at a minimum wage job and choose to stay at home and avoid being a contributing member of society. There are people from both camps, which side is the larger is virtually impossible to assess, but I can tell you the longer someone remains on wellfare, the more likely it is by choice, not cruel circumstance. It was meant to be a net to catch someone until they can pick themselves back up and move on, not a lifestyle.

  8. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    That isn't subject to specifically the black population. I can go to any inner city and see disgusting stereotypes of every race.

    I will agree there are certain level of prejudice/crime in every culture/state/city. But I will never admit, at least in the country* of America, that it's an unbreakable cycle. My friend Anthony was in the situation you described with his family. Instead of staying in the mindset of a 14 year old and trying to become Lil wayne, he grew up, persued Dojo, and joined a community that was family to him.

    He owns a house, and he makes more money than I do, without a college degree pretending hes a f`ucking DBZ character. Your skin color is worthless in today's generation. People are becoming more dependent on the government which makes those "ghetto's". They never grew up, they wanted to fight society rather than use it's benefits.

    I'm not racist, I'm prejudice against ignorance, and unfortunately I can't pity those who wallow in this archaic "the man holding me down" bull sh`it. It's tough out there, and you got to make decisions you don't like in order to get by. That is all ages, all ethnicities, and all people, frankly we're equally all as f`ucked.

  9. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    At the same time you or west can't say that most people that are there for multiple years that is there is there because they want to.

  10. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    "You can't prove me wrong" is not "I am right".

    For one thing, I never made a claim otherwise and specifically pointed out neither of us can prove something as vague as this. I still object to any claim to be able to quantify a "most" in this situation.

    It also does not change the fact that some are there voluntarily that do not need to be and that is an unnecessary drain on the system making it harder and less stable for the people who do need it.

    This has moved too far off topic. If you wish to start a thread in the speakeasy regarding it, do so, but this thread needs to get back on topic.

  11. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    Responses in bold.

  12. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    The innercity if litterally fueled by negative stereotypical people. You think anyone is going to want to help some redneck going "THEY TEWK MY JAWB", as like, I don't know, a toothpaste cap twister? There are a lot of circumstances you aren't considering, most of them not even race related.

    I'm not talking about youtube, I knew a lot of black kids growing up, and I'm talking like in townhousing developments, hell domino's pizza refused to deliver to our area. Majority of them wanted quick rich schemes, and a lot of them are trying to pot farm last I checked. Or aspiring some rapping career, or something silly like that. Some of them are still going for it, and aren't making a dime. Because they choose too. Note none of them are on welfare (from last I checked like 4 months ago).

    Yes anthony was black, he got in trouble a lot. Our other friend daniel, who was white, dropped out, is living on welfare and recently got pulled out of his grandparents basment for dealing 8 balls. He chose to do that, because he didn't want to do anything but make easy money to do his extremely miniscule hobbies...such as trying to repair a 1980's mustang.

    I've seen people in bad places and pull themselves out, through a few adult decisions, then there are people who, even at jobs, feel like cutting corners is enough because they can get away with it.

  13. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    See that's because schools are determined by taxes from that district. So logically in this system poor areas will have worse schools than rich areas. This is not a specific thing to black people. Poor white people have this as well. Poor asians have this. Poor Middle Eastern people. So don't try arguing that bullpomegranate.

    It is. It takes hard work and a will to break the cycle. See Eos's post above.

    Black people didn't get "put into" ghettos. They moved there. Willingly. The areas became ghettos.

    Again. See Eos's post. Your view seems to be typical "Black people have been oppressed so I should get all of my stuff handed to me on a silver platter and never have to work hard". Which is retarded. I am not saying that black people weren't brutally oppressed for centuries. Don't get me wrong. What I am saying is that complaining about that for the next 200 years and using that to justify any and all personal vices is not right, and that is exactly what you are doing.

  14. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    The problem is, the longer you're on welfare, the harder the circumstances get. It may be hard to get employment with 5%+ unemployment rates, but it's even harder to get it if your job history ends several years ago. Companies go with the proven option, which is people who have recent prior employment.

    There are obviously work placement programs that combat this - but, if they prefer people from unfortunate circumstances, ie. ghettos, ie predominantly black, it gets called affirmative action. So how do you win?

    It's a fallacy that someone who's unemployed is not contributing to society. It's a necessary part of the system that not everyone be employed. This can't change unless the system changes.

    I find it quite ridiculous that on the one hand we're finding ways to eliminate menial jobs, and on the other hand abusing people for not being able to find those very jobs that were just eliminated. You invent a machine that can dig a foundation for a few bucks of gasoline, then complain that 10 workers with shovels are asking for handouts. The machine isn't the problem - the workers aren't the problem - the false idea that those workers should have jobs is the problem. The food to feed them doesn't stop existing because they're laid off. The housing to shelter them doesn't stop existing because they're laid off. The only actual difference is that they are no longer working, and thus no longer worthy to take their share of the resources.

    America's wealthy enough to support every citizen - to educate them, keep them healthy, and well fed - that this doesn't happen is not because people are 'lazy', or are abusing the welfare system. It's because the people who already have a lot want a little more, and they don't care who loses. They don't think about who goes hungry to pay for their third home, or their private yacht, because the American dream means that it's these peoples' own fault that they're increasingly not necessary to run the country.

    I imagine many of you have seen this cartoon before, but given the direction of this argument I feel like it bears repeating.

    There's nothing wrong with celebrating the successes of the people who do drag their way out of poverty - but by definition not everybody can become the upper 50%. To make more people 'successful', the bar needs to be lowered - provide enough that 70% of the population is living comfortably, then 80%, 90%, and 100%. Don't say they should all pull themselves up into the upper 50%. That's ridiculous. The system of wealth distribution needs to change so there is no starvation circumstance, or people will starve.

  15. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    Ok wow totally tried to reply to your post but turns out I had clicked the edit button. My bad.

  16. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    So a neighbourhood is a nice place, then some black people move in. The white people move out, it all turns to garbage and... it's not the fault of those that remain?

    I'm not sure where you're trying to go with this point.

    (at least I saved some of your post)

  17. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    It's called white flight it was basically what I said as black people moved into the inner cites rather then intergrate with them white people left fearing that their property values would go down(the thing is they wouldn't have gone down if they didn't leave).

    Instead of trying to change my post simply ask the question next time if you don't understand something. Would you mind putting my post back now.

  18. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    1. I didn't intentionally remove your post. The quick reply box and the edit box look the same.
    2. Do you see a "reverse edit" button? It does not exist. But if your post was well thought out and reasoned, it should be easy for you to put it back. Unfortunately it wasn't.

    Also, explain to us the link between house prices and a good community turning to garbage.

  19. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    A bad neighborhood has less property value, as it comes with risk of theft/damage.

  20. Default Re: Obama finally admits to supporting gay <strike>rights</strike> marriage.

    Yea my mistake sorry about that.



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