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Thread: [Bera] S>Decent HB/SE

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    Since I am done giving away free skills, (With the exception of @Reako)

    Each item requires 8b collateral.

    HB sells for 50m per person, 25m for each additional character.
    SE sells for 100m per person, 50m for each additional character.

    I require collateral and 50% of the meso up front, you can pay me the rest on the way back.

    I have LOADS of vouches for my legitimacy, if you need anyone to vouch for me you can contact almost anyone on Southperry. For Berans you can contact App1e (Shes well known, right?) as I have sold to both her, and some of her guildmates.

    If you need other vouches outside of that, I will have to think of other people that can vouch for me, but cmon.... You guys know me XD

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    What happened to not selling it?

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    I was up in arms over it. I had a long discussion with "the founders" of them. We decided that selling was alright as long as we didn't smega sale.



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