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Thread: Solar Flare

  1. Default Solar Flare
    Mixed feelings. Anyone with some real knowledge of solar flare disruption wish to share? I'd really rather not keep my PC off for 24 hours, but better that than have a fried pile of scrap.

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    Default Re: Solar Flare

    Nah. Just some satellites and GPS stuff will be down. Your computer will be fine, except perhaps the internet.

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    The power surges could pose a threat to consumer electronics that aren't properly shielded by standard surge protectors.

    They've gotten better at keeping the grids stable in larger cities but smaller ones and more rural areas often haven't upgraded enough to handle it.

  4. Default Re: Solar Flare

    I guess I'll unplug my PS3, but everything else is on a UPS so it should be fine.

  5. Default Re: Solar Flare

    Has there been a lot of solar activity this year or are they just reporting it more? This is the third major solar event in the last 2 months.

  6. Default Re: Solar Flare


    Eh... I just hope my dad's computer doesn't get screwed up at all. Then, I won't be able to play Dragon Ball Online. I'll be back to only having Maple again.

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    This is it. The end is nigh.

    Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes and the dead rising from their graves! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

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    It’s because the Sun is entering another Solar maximum period. It is meant to peak in 2013.

    I think it makes such “interesting” news since it something that could have devastating consequence’s and we can’t really predict it at all. I think at most they have around 2 days notice of the suns activity.

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    Wow mark you're clearly not in touch with the events that are going to occur. A giant spaceship from under the sphinx will rise to protect us with the chosen one. Dont worry bro.

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    Reminder that this is not the shenanigans, rein it back in to real discussion around the topic please.

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    You forgot the ominious glare.

    Seriously though, I don't see the solar flares at the moment being a huge effect, this all happened last night didn't it? I think there were like two satelittes with damage or something

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    We're supposed to see potential fallout from this through Friday, so a bit premature to dismiss it at nothing, even though it likely will be.

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    Oh, I guess what I read last night was based on waves rather than the total event

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    Default Re: Solar Flare

    ObSF: Larry Niven, "Inconstant Moon"

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    Default Re: Solar Flare

    Oh no! My life is in danger? D: (if you get the joke)

    And bleh, no one should be worried about this (if anyone is). People should be worried if this wouldn't be happening. I read it's like a normal cycle for sun to be active and inactive or something.

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    Default Re: Solar Flare

    -turns around and leaves thread-

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    Default Re: Solar Flare

    Thanks for the far more credible sources.

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    Power went out today, at least from what I could tell from my blinking clock. It went out and came back up around 6PM EST, my electronic babies were all safe.

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    Come on now, the NASA link is the only one that is more "credible", don't hold a grudge just because of their political lean, this has nothing to do with politics.



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