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  1. Default What happened to Tenvi/EverPlanet?

    Both managed by Nexon. It seems they've died out quite a bit after the hype of 2010. What happened?

  2. Default Re: What happened to Tenvi/EverPlanet?

    Tenvi was shut down. Ever Planet was still going, last time I checked.

    There's no English version planned any time soon, as far as I'm aware. Ever Planet is a rather fun game. I played around with it when it was first released in Japan. I got too caught up with other games to stick with it, though.

  3. Default Re: What happened to Tenvi/EverPlanet?

    Sad to see that Tenvi closed down, it looked like a lot of fun.

  4. Default Re: What happened to Tenvi/EverPlanet?

    Yeah, it was. It saddened me when I found out it was shut down. I guess it didn't bring in enough revenue or it just wasn't popular enough to keep it running, or something. It felt like a nice change away from MapleStory while still keeping the 2D side-scroller MMORPG genre.



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