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  1. Default Issue with Rollback and items stored with Frederick

    Hi everyone,

    It has been brought to my attention that items held by Frederick did not rollback with the same time-frame our characters were. As such, many items were potentially lost through Frederick.

    This happened in the past and I took the precaution and stopped selling the items in my store starting around the 25th (as opening stores were hopeless). I presume I put the items in on the evening of the 23rd and my store crashed and I retrieved them in the evening that following day when I got home from work. However, I did open spot "holder" stores in case the servers did not crash (I just took precaution by not adding my items that I wanted to sell). And what do you know, I get my spot holder item back and lost all my other items (they were very material, but the value of the items is not relevant for investigating what happened).

    Can anyone else confirm that this did not only affect me?

    For those affected: My hypothesis for this bug is that the items were not in our inventories at the time we were rolled back to since Frederick held them. However, since we subsequently opened a store, a rollback to that time will obviously not have our stores open. Consequently, these items go to Frederick and essentially "over-wrote" our previous items held at Frederick.

    I have submitted a ticket but Nexon will most likely ignore it. I would like to use this thread to gather others experiences and come to a conclusion on what happened or an idea of where Frederick got rolled back to vs our characters.

    Thank you for your time
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