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  1. Default Maple Admin insists on giving me something that doesn't exist.

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    After one of Nexon's oh so ingenious hot times, I keep getting a notice from the maple admin to make room for an item that has already expired. The Sunday blessing. I didn't receive it initially due to my inventory being full and forgot about it until the next day. Now she persistently tries to give me it every single pineappleing time I change channels, log in, go into the cash shop, go into or leave PvP..... this is so god damn annoying. Honestly.

    She continues to try to give it to me even when I have plenty of room in every single section of my inventory.
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    God damn it Nexon. Hopefully this just magically fixes itself eventually. Certainly wouldn't like being plagued by this the rest of my entire maple career. Christ.

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    This leads me to believe the admin is trying to give you a one-of-a-kind item and you may already have one.



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