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Thread: [KMST] KMST 1.2.418 - Aswan

  1. Default KMST 1.2.418 - Aswan

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    Not too much to report, but some stuff sure looked cool.




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    So now you have the ability to dress up as a Pink Bean. Heh cute.

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    I want to see what equips the new boss can give.

    Empress Cygnus - Armor+Weapon Set
    Akyrum - Pendant/Ring Set

    Hilla - Belt+Shoulder Pad+Earring Set?

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    We got the event for that before. Witch Tower JQ or so, IIRC. That JQ was amusing.

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    I agree! Been thinking of that one for a while. Also the Wolf and Sheep one was fun. The BGM was great too.

    I wonder why they don't release those back :(

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    Patch notes

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    I am actually quite excited for Aswan.
    new scrolls, weapons, equips and much more.
    I can't wait to explore and try out the part-time thing.

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    Is this by any chance what is behind the 3rd door at the TT/ Future Henesys entrance?

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    Why is there even a World Map when there are no areas to explore...? Maybe they're adding in the maps in the regular server's patch? Because as of right now, I haven't seen Hilla's Tower (which is shown in the map).

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    Maybe this is just the beginning of the war to liberate Aswan, they'll probably release more things on incoming patches just like they did with Ludibrium-->ellin forest and Leafre---> Temple of time.

    Edit: What really make me wonder is why the Union is trying to recover Aswan, c'mon it is a dead town, everyone there is a ghost and the Black mage is at TOT (well, actually we don't know but he was selaed in Tot right? so he should be still there), it's no strategic to rescue Aswan, the only important town near it is Magatia (where the Black Mage used to live IIRC) but still why try to enter if the best option is to maintain Hillia and her forces there because they are undeads they will never stop appearing unless we kill Hillia, she is the only important factor in Aswan but still is pretty stupid to Attack with all force when we have some good Stealth masters like Phantom who can enter > kill Hillia with a group > get out and done.

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    Holy pomegranate, where are her clothes?!

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    Well, what could be definitely interesting is if all servers conquered territory, and that unlocked new areas... where everyone can go. Training maps, special short pqs, etc...

    This thing has potential!

  13. Can of Soup Straight Male
    IGN: chicoran
    Server: Bera
    Level: 200
    Job: Aran IV
    Guild: Risk
    Alliance: Bastion


    Actually i was thinking in something like this:

    You recieve a card from Nineheart after you complete Aswan pq a couple of times telling you that you are part of the group to stop Hillia with the help of the Phantom (you need a phantom in the party to enter to kill Hillia or they put a phantom NPC), you enter on a little pq with some jump quest and things like the hidden ability from the visitor content in GMS, after that you enter to Hillia's room and you can hear some of their plans (so they can create a hype about a new area/invasion, or they could have Testonen cautive, etc), after that just start the Boss Battle expect a lot of dying, maybe they can use the hidden ability again to evade some 1hitko skills from her and after you defeat her the Phantom/Mercedes reappears to get you out and they tell you that even tough you Stopped Hillia her army is still there, It would be nice if they give some special skills or Blessings like gifts after Defeating new Bosses for example:

    The savior of Aswan

    Description: With the learned from the Phantom the master thief in infiltration, you acquired a bonus in Evasion, Speed, Jump and Stamina:

    Effects Passive:

    5% Dodge rate
    +7 speed
    +5 jump

    Edit: You could use all the actual heroes and change the skill description to: "with the learned from the (other, heroes case) heroes"

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    So I was right anout Aswan PQ being just the way to get inside Aswan town?, Because by that map it sure looks like it. You see the bridge in which the PQ is held leading to the mountain that ends in the town.

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    For the "go back to xxx" part of the map I got 오벨리스크, which supposedly translates into "Obelisk". I'm guessing it links with the mirror of dimension map?

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    Yup, the Mirror of Dimension takes you to the map Aswan Obelisk, with the Cygnus knights standing outside. Then inside the Obelisk is the refuge with all the ghost NPCs, and in there you can press up on a portal on the right to enter the Liberation War. But there's no area to explore or anything :S

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    The fanservice department took them away.

    OT: If this new area has some explorable content added to it later on (tons of maps and/or large maps, lots of hidden streets, marked and unmarked), I'll be interested.

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    Evil's always gusta'd by guys.
    And that really is some small armor.



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