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  1. Default What to do with all my coins?

    Well I don't know what to do with them. I don't really have the time to farm out 50 coins a day, so I'd like to stick with scrolling/stocking up on scrolls.

    So far i've made 2 fairly decent strength pants, a new overall for myself that i still need to cube if i want to use it, and I don't particularly care for my new weaponry because i don't have the funds to make anything/replace it if it explodes.

    I'm basically just farming coins to create new gear for my classes and would generally like to make some decent gear for potential new classes as well. Only problem being that low level gear has crap potential, but I don't have much choice in terms of common gear anyway.

    What I'm thinking of doing:

    1. scrolling a dex top for my bowmaster to compliment the strength pants;

    2. buy massive amounts of clean slate scrolls and hope that they work on my knuckle so i can scroll it better;

    3. chaosing the maple pendants for weapon attack.

    Would very much appreciate help in determining which coin farm would be the best option to go with. I'm quite poor, so either of these options would be great (but i'm starting school in a couple of weeks, so the most beneficial option would be placed in a higher priority). Thanks in advance :D

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    get lucky with books

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    Books. I got MW 30 from one of them today.

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    Where'd you get all the coins? Just from the thermometers?

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    Thermometer. I think one of the cake ones gives you a coin and so does the Legend Ore thing.

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    I do the event quests on 3 of my characters. so I have 30 at the least to spend per day. While doing all the quests, I get around another 20 per character, so that makes about 30 per character to spend per day which is really cool. Also if you go to kerning square you get all the etcs faster than anywhere else since they drop from pretty much any monster (minus the level specific quests). Really easy maybe 30 minutes on every character nets you around 25 coins, which is enough to do a lot of stuff with.



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