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  1. Default Question about the new exp and drop system?

    So I haven't played for a while and I was told that there is a new drop system in place now? It's something about having to be within 20 levels of a monster to get relevant drops? Also is there exp scaling now. I was leveling up off captains in Mulung recently and I noticed that each time I leveled up the exp I got per monster got lower. Can anyone explain these changes or anything new regard these to me? Thanks.

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    Yes if you are 15 lvls above a monster you will get nothing except ETC, quest and the generic USE drops. Unlike the sudden and complete drop stop, the EXP starts to go down when you are higher than the monster, more for each level.

    This is only a farming problem, because if you are actually training on monsters that aint 5-10 levels above you, you are doing it wrong. This whole system is null if the monster is level 150+, or if you are in a World tour-ish area like Showa or Masteria.

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    Said perfectly except also applies to mobs with the boss tag also



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