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  1. Default KMST 1.2.412 - More skill changes

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    (PvE) Skill Changes


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    Changes I noticed:

    Twillight fixed.
    Cane mastery works with stolen skills now.
    You can assign hot keys from your stolen skill management windows and the hotkey will switch to the new skill if you active another skill in your skill management windows(no need to keep reassign hot key after switching skills anymore).
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    As much as I hate the change to Vampiric Touch, that skill was just too good. Guess I won't be playing my Demon Slayer again.

    Only other real notable changes are:
    Mercedes' Final Attack was nerfed so that the second arrow doesn't do the same damage as the first arrow. They haven't fixed Advanced Final Attack though. If they want AFA to be the same as what they have FA doing, FA does 75% + 50%, AFA does 105% + 60%.
    Buffs to early Phantom damage
    Pirate's Revenge, Vipersition, and Pirate Style had their variables changed to stack differently with other buffs (like Total Damage potential I believe) to be more useful.

    Phantom Charge, definitely a skill that was too weak and needed to be buffed.

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    IGN: Killmeplsok
    Server: Cassiopeia
    Level: 181
    Job: Captain
    Guild: LoveOfCari
    Alliance: LoveOfCari



    Twilight is fixed and Cane Mastery works with stolen skill now.

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    Phantom charge got nerfed. The delay was increased by 20% and the damage did not rise commensurately.

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    Phantom Charge consists of two delays, one for the spear, and one for the crescent moon. The attack delay was increased by 20% for the crescent moon portion of the attack, but the spear remained unchanged, correct? The total damage increase is from 1160% to 1290%, and the delay is now 780ms + 690ms
    859.3%/s -> 877.6%/s

    An important aspect of the skill is its utility, which goes up significantly if its OHKO threshold is improved. The only issue now is whether or not this change affects any possible invincibility frames. Also, Brise Carte's delay was reduced, and they link to each other, adding a further improvement, in theory anyways, since we do not know how the delays are reduced by the linking. Compound to that Twilight's damage improvement and its own delay and that lowers the significance of the delay change further.

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    Joe... what happen to the demon slayer's touch?

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    Seems to be something like, no more than 50% of MaxHP can be restored at a time, and there will be a 1 min delay between restoration of HP.

  9. Default

    1 minute delay.... doesnt it heal like 3% hp per attack. thats WAYY freaken slow. But we have party familars that can heal 5%/5% so whateves

    and i like the more nerfs to DS damage. Still will make one but dam. Really might be a 1%/s class...

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    Nexon nerfed 2nd job pirates now too... Screw increased in delay.. pretty rare the change... maybe is time to change weapon formula to avoid that

  11. Default

    Still no speed boost for Head Shot? I wonder if Nexon realizes that it's way too slow to be of any use. Hopefully it'll receive a speed boost when they move it to the live server.

  12. Default

    ...and no one's mad that the pirate remake will come next year, while thief and Phantom still come this year?

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    3% of damage = hp recovered

    .. but yeah, the nerf to Vampiric Touch seems absurd. Although, if you deal 500k damage, that 3% would heal 15k if you have 30k+ HP. Healing 15K doesn't seem too bad until you're at like Empress or something taking massive damage. It would suck for ranged characters since if you only have 10k HP, you'd heal a max of 5k >_>.

    I kind of think they should change it to heal % of HP every X seconds for Y seconds. Something like how Mercedes heal 5% of HP/MP every 4 seconds.

    ... or lower it to 1% damage = hp recovered, and add in a % success rate..

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    Ohhh i always though it was 3% of hp recovered per attack. which is why it would stuck unless u continusly attacked. I think if they made it heal 1% hp per attack max of 1attack per second (looking at u BMs) then it would be balance in a sence or at least not outragusly overpowered. The 1min cooldown makes it completely worthless now

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    Beginning of Revenge December 15th. Thief/Pirate revamp.
    Phantom the Thief December 29th. New thief legend.
    Free Aswan January 12th. A new town called Aswan

    Is it me or did DS got nerfed more?

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    It did. Honnestly they should keep the nerfs/nerf more on the standard slash but BUFF the force skills. in more ways than damage. I think that would make it a more fun class.

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    The hell does the new variable on shield mastery for Dits do?

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    Did numbers only go down?
    Then they got nerfed.

    Maybe you got nerfed too, but I'm not going to investigate that.

    Google Translate:
    "Changed - Description (physical and magical defense when wearing a shield added to rise. -> Shield Binds when added to physical and magical defense, and dodge falling to rise.)
    Changed - Level readout (physical and magical defense # x% additional rise -> # x% physical and magical defense further increase, Dodge # er% increase)"

    Geeze, that was difficult.

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    Oh, sorry, I can't read korean.
    And I forgot Aswan. *headdesk for myself*

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    Still worthless Buccs.



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