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  1. Default The Official Bowmen "Post Your Damage/Stats/Equips" Thread

    What the title says.
    This is a good way to gather/share information.
    Please provide a screen shot when you post here.

    I'll go first.

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    I've recently sold a lot of my Marksman's main equips, but he still kicks some ass.


    15/15 Z helm
    12 Dex earrings
    16 Dex 4 STR overall
    13 att gloves
    10 Dex 3 att Pink Cape
    111 Att /3 Dex Casa Crow
    5 Dex 3 STR shoes.

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    here's mine.

    without warrior elixir:

    with warrior elixir:

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    these are cool till the dupers show up.

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    Screeny of my Fail BM who hasn't leveled for 4 months+ ~~


  6. Electron
    IGN: SoulQuincy
    Server: Bera
    Level: 11x
    Job: Sniper
    Guild: Repent
    Alliance: SuperROAR



    with mw

    mw and elixir

    it doesnt work :[
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  7. Electron

    IGN: iBritish/Alieak
    Server: Windia
    Level: 8x/14x
    Job: IceLit/Blowmaster.
    Guild: FallenStars


    My weakling blowmaster.

    15/15 helm
    7/7 pendant
    8 dex rings
    4/24 overall
    3/8 cape
    10 dex shoes
    My lol10att wg
    108 super sexy dark arund

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    Wry you so weeeeeak alice.

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    Thats an awsome Raven, Mine is 2 attack lower xD

    Mine is 1720-3093 buffless range at level 116, Too lazy to post SS.

    Gear: 15 SCG, 2/4 FS, 11 Earrings, 25/3 Anes (Eww) 116/5 Raven, ZHelm, 4/6 PAC, 2/1/60 Necklace. Some of that gear is from my friend that gave me his account because he quit :(

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    Theres my damage nothing special 69 att bow hehe
    Ive hit a

    Or so before but I suck at ssing
    EDIT: just noticed that was with my dana instead of bamboo....
    might get a bit higher to lazy to tho.

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    Leveled to 160 somewhat recently. I also passed Concentrate 20 and now it lasts 2 minutes. Concentrate is the best thing ever (and yes Carlos, my fist is all up in my ass, just how you like it.)

    Anyway, here's me.

    And here's my gear.

    The only thing holding me back is my gloves. I've saved up 600m and 300m worth of equity to try and buy 16's or 17's, but the problem is no one is selling the damn things. Hopefully one will appear soon.

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    Here's my range @ 155 with level 6 MW -_-

    Here are my equips.

    I plan on buying a 16 atk glove, hopefully a 7 dex face equip, maybe a 10/4 Cape, or maybe Chaos Scroll one later on, and TRYING MY HARDEST, a 118+ atk bow. Oh, and hopefully finding some 100% or 60% Helm Dex's.

    ..Oh and if you're wondering, yeah he did quit x_x
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    Why don't you buy a pendant? It seems like you could benefit most from that. Also, why don't you have at least 9 MW for yourself?

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    I don't have a pendant because groups in Bera don't sell them, nor do they ever have open slots to run with. And I Maxed out SE, Hurricane, and BE, and got to 11 Concentrate because when I trained I used my friend's MW. And also for the pendant, I'd like to earn my pendant/egg, since I want to use all my money in upgrading my equips.

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    Good pomegranate guys. Keep up the good work!

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    I read on your blog you were buying a bow from Bellocan, Brandon. Just curious, but what atk/price was it? cause Tin (AdmiralAdama) sold his 119 for 1.6 bill to a guildie/friend, lol =X

    Glad to see you at southperry =D

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    It was a 122/3 Dragon Shiner Kupoing/Mistercrim owned. I offered him 2.1b and 2 Facestompers, and the world transfer and he accepted. I gifted him the world transfer, it didn't work for some reason, and ever since then I haven't been in contact with Chris/Kupo/whoever the owner is. Kupo ignored every PM I sent him on his guild forums. I even offered Tin 2.1b, just as he wanted, but he didn't want to transfer over here and merchant etc. So I'm unfortunately still looking, despite all the bullpomegranate I've dealt with.



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