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  1. Default Magician Damage Ranges

    Magician Damage Range Thread


    Up until now, Magicians have been comparing their strength with their peers solely using the Magic stat. With Big Bang removing this stat, making some formula alterations, and finally giving Magicians a damage range after many years, it is fitting that a thread be made to accommodate this new addition. Please feel free to use this thread to showcase your latest achievements and upgrades, or show just how pro you are compared to everybody else.

    Guidelines for Posting Your Damage Range:

    I don't want to be too picky about how this thread will work, but there are some guidelines to ensure everything is fair. The underlined content summarizes what is most important.
    • All damage ranges must be accompanied with a relevant screenshot incuding a corresponding IGN and Level.
    • Please include the level of your Blessing of the Fairy/Empress into your screenshot, whichever is higher.
    • Do not include any buffs into your damage range (eg. Ssiws Cheese, Meditation, Echo of Hero, etc.). If Maple Warrior is required to equip your gears, I will leave it up to the poster to provide a "before MW" damage range. Evans are allowed to have Dragon Fury active.
    • Do not block/censor your AP Distribution nor the top right corner of your screenshot.
    • Expiring items should not contribute to your damage range. For example, an expiring 20 ATT Christmas Hat should not be included in your damage range.
    • If you are not playing Global MapleStory and wish to contribute your damage range, please include what version of MapleStory you are playing in. Under no circumstances will a damage range from a Private Server be included.
    • For my convenience, please type out your IGN should it contain non-English characters.
    • All screenshots not conforming to the above guidelines will be placed in a Miscellaneous tab located at the end of the damage ranges.
    • The item "Angelic Blessing" will count towards the clean range of a character.
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  2. Default


    Battle Mage

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  3. Default

    Blaze Wizard


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  4. Default

    Haha, my pleasure. Just hope this thread turns out well :)

  5. Brick
    IGN: BushidoClown
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 15x
    Job: Ex BattleMage
    Guild: Contagious
    Alliance: No Clue.


    No early love for BM?

  6. Default

    Oh, that's right. Should I just get rid of the 1st job portion so I have enough space for Battle Mages? And Evans... zzz

  7. Default

    Don't forget about blaze wizzes.

  8. Default

    Man, I guess I didn't think this through well enough. I hope I have enough space to add all of this..

  9. Default

    You might wanna change (eg. Warrior Elixirs, Rage) into something like Meditation, Cheese, etc.

  10. In my dreams... Gay Male
    Server: Reboot
    Level: 215
    Job: Hoyoung
    Alliance: KATYPERRY


    Lookin' good. I'll be posting my terribad ranges here eventually. :3

  11. Default

    Yeah, those aren't really relevant examples are they? I'll have them changed.

    Haha, looking forward to seeing it :)

  12. Default

    Me too... D:

  13. Default

    Well, I have a few b funding, but until I can equip my EStaff and use my 50% staffs and earrings and cube my gears I'll have a pretty lulzy range too. I just want to see what my range is at this point; tired of having to manually calculate it every time I change an equip.

  14. Default

    Since we are all in a self-deprecating mood, I think I will chime in, first with kudos for the thread, it has been a long time coming. And second, with a preview: I quit before potential, so there's a bit of indication of my range. Also, my fully scrolled E.Wand 8 does not even exceed...

  15. Default

    Uhmmmm lol I love this, I'll be sure to take a screenshot after BB comes out.

    But I think you have too many spoilers/categories, I don't think that many people will post here. I suggest a top 10 mages, and then "Cleric" "FP" "Evan" "BW" and "IL" category, with any level.

  16. Default

    Would it not be neater to group up some of the Evan growths together, say growths 1-4, 5-8 and 9-10? Mass spoilers look kinda messy.

    I can understand the other disambiguations but I don't really think Evan need to be divided up so fine given most players would pass most of the early growths pretty quickly and power growth in those levels isn't really great enough for significant comparisons to be made.



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