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    If you're looking for a way to help me out with extractions and the community, now you have your chance.

    As I'm sure you've noticed, there's a lot of Korean that gets posted in this board that would be wonderful if it were translated to English to make it easier to read and comprehend. I am now accepting translations for names of skills, mobs, NPCs, and equips for the Korean language only.

    About WZ IDs:

    Each NPC, Mob and Skill has an ID. You can see this ID by looking at the name of the file stored on the server for its icon. If a file is called "100100.png", then the ID for that particular mob/NPC/Skill is "100100". Here's an example:

    Name: 심사위원단
    Function: 퀴즈스타 K
    Script: q10950s
    "퀴즈스타K! 퀴즈를 사랑하는 분들이라면 누구나 참여 가능하답니다!"
    "대 국민 퀴즈스타 발굴 오디션! 퀴즈스타K에 도전하세요."

    In this case, the ID for the above would be "9010027". If you still don't understand, look at the BBCode source of this post and look at the image above. It should make sense after that.

    Expected format:

    Keep Mobs, NPCs, and Skills separate. Send me a PM that looks something like this:

    WZ ID = name
    100100 = Green Snail
    100101 = Blue Snail
    100102 = Red Snail
    And I'll take care of the rest. Please PM me with any and all translations. Thank you!

    Terms & Conditions:
    1. You understand that you are providing translations free of charge.
    2. You will never be compensated in any way, shape, or form for providing these translations regardless of the size or depth of them.
    3. These translations, once provided, can be altered, changed, or never used at my discretion only.
    4. By default you will not be credited for any translations you provide. This is a protective measure so that others do not request translations from you too much. If you would like credit, however, please say so and I will include it. If you do ask for credit, I will only credit you in the first thread in which I use these translations and never again regardless of how many times I use the translation.
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    I'm not sure if I'm not understanding but what exactly do you need translations of? You never specified.

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    Equip, NPC, skill, and mob names of anything that I post.

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    I can only translate skills but I just recently started learning with Tay helping abit. But I'll let those experienced/frequent speakers do the job.



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