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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.355] More balancing

  1. Default [1.2.355] More balancing

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    - The MaxHP, MaxMP, WDEF, MDEF, ACC, and Avoid were nerfed by about 25 - 33% on scrolls




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    I'm guessing the change in masteries is for +accuracy right? EDIT: oh you said that...
    Some changes look nice, like Paralyze, it was needed.
    For buccaneers, not much, I guess it's nice to have 240% extra damage on demo, I would like a little speed upgrade or delay reduce on it though.

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    Great news for FP mages for Paralyze getting close to on-par with CL

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    Rapid fire back to square 1 again.

    Bishops got a couple damage boosts that's cool.

    What is this variable "ar" in this
    "Priest- Holy Attraction - New variable "ar" (15)"

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    Oh boy HERE we go, this was much needed. And Nexon finally figured out how to fix Snipe. Awesome :D

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    What's with snipe?
    4x900? Instead of just killing whatever?

    Might make an I/L at some point now.

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    Pretty sure AR has to do with some sort of resistance. I know Pallys get it too.

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    Woohoo @ beholder buff and iron will buff xD

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    is ice charge for arans buffed?

    nexon pls buff ice charge to 135% back then im happy with arans.

    LOL TT went to 345 ^^

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    Fiel could that stand for All resistances +15? I can't think of what else the A could stand for... but All res +15 makes me think of diablo 2, not MS.

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    With that much increase in accuracy per weapon mastery, what's even the point of putting dex into warriors now?

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    so what's the dmg formula for snipe now?

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    I hope that is 4x900k damage for Snipe.

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    They made Illusion weaker.......

    EDIT: - Evan's skill "Illusion" has its delay reduced from 1440 ms to 810 ms.


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    OMG. A game show? NPCs are the judges? I sense a new event!!

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    As a L/I, I was at first regarding the continual buffs to CL, not that I do not enjoy or appreciate them, but at some point it was really going to get imbalanced.

    But then, it was more of a to see that all magic casters adventurers were getting buffed.

    On a negative and related note, it is disappointing to see Earthquake's magnificent range decrease to below that of even IS (Ice Strike) now, I always gave credence to Evan being great mobbers/trainers post-BB but I cannot be so sure of that now. Speaking of drama please...

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    So snipe is now 4 hits of 900% instead of a fixed amount of damage..?
    Edit; Also kinda interesting to see Ultimate strafe buffed once again

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    3600% damage is quite a lot o_o It's over 2 1/2 Strafes and should be enough to kill all mobs in one hit if your damage is good. It's a nerf to weaker MMs, but a buff overall. Factoring in crit/SE puts it at about 5000% damage, so if your damage range is over 20k, Snipe should improve your damage now.



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