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    All relevant changes were made to their respective threads.

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    That huge lion is a boss? oO

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    The last update had a boss PQ (Lionheart).

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    Oh.... I have trouble keeping up with maple nowadays. So many new areas and classes and sh*t.

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    I wonder when and how you obtain the Empress’ Call, the Empress’ Prayer, and the Empress’ Strengthening skills, is the answer when your Cygnus knight character advances to level 120?

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    So wait.. if we make an Ultimate Adventurer and level it up to 160, we'll be the successors of the empress of the Maple World, Cygnus?

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    According to Spadow, Empress's Call is given to all Cygnus Knights at some point. The same goes with Empress's Strengthening, but it is given to Ultimate Adventurers.
    Are you still hung up on some level cap increase? Nothing special happens at level 160.

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    Oh, it's motherf`ucking LIONKING time, niggaz. Maybe now they'll add a Lion named SCAR and .. Idonteven-

    Oh, and of course, +2 watt, not anything new. More weapon-attack hoarding for Maple Story.

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    This content sucks until Ultimate Aran comes out.

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    According to spadow, ulti adventureer gets all the perks of being an adventurer AND gets to start at level 50. Sounds like a decent system, if only to have the 120 blessing and the special skill. And the cygnus skills (are) related to the cygnus of the adventurer you choose, so no soul driver for buccaneers =(

    This seems interesting, but is it worth training another character for (you can wear stuff 10 levels lower than you normally would. No real perks at end game)?

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    Who knows? Maybe they'll start on some end game content. (as if they already haven't...)

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    Well spadow has explained the UA beautifully, I now have reason to train my Wind Archer to 120. Which class would benefit most from being a UA, I'm thinking a Warrior, but a I/L Mage with Flame Gear would be epic, mine is already level 155 though.

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    i want sharkwave on my buccaneer just to confuse people =(

    But i think warriors benefit the most from this. next i think thieves or mages. everything else seems pretty meh.

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    Can't really see how theives would gain anything from this. Non of the mobbing skills can compete with our normal skills anyway.

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    Flame Gear, being a damage-based percentage DPS skill, isn't as useful as it used to be when it was a HP-based percentage DPS skill. Not worth it anymore. I feel the skills could do with a little... makeover. Or just give them new skills... I'm sure KMS can be creative.


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    Hm, so you now have freak bowmasters with both hurricane and piercing. This is such an awful idea from the Tenvi team. They quashed one game, must they invade maple and quash it too?

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    no worries! Wild Hunters do the exact same thing but 10 times better!

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    Spadow says the UA start at lv 50. Thats a nice little head start. Nexon is going to have to extend the maximum character slots to 30. lol

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    Which is a logical thing to do.
    I won't wanna start with a level 1 character, again. ._.



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