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  1. Default What did you accomplish today Broa?

    Cause this thread was epic on SW, but SW sucks; remaking it on a decent forum. (Credits to Gthegreat13 aka Pathologicai aka reggie for the first thread.)

    Okay yeah credits to him then.

    what I accomplished: Today nothing (just woke up ass) but I got my computer back yesterday after it being in for maintenence for give or take a week, and went 156 92% -> 157 51% during 4hrs of the 2x event (I was solo at the 2nd newtie map, give me a break. )
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  2. Default

    I went from lvl 38 all the way to lvl 44 at the 4x exp event yesterday

  3. Default

    I didnt even try to go for the x2 in game event. Too many players turn ugly at skeles/newts; and i have to work.

  4. Default

    Yah, I logged in literally 15 minutes before the event. Although I logged off in the 2nd newtie map, stocked on pots and all that, and the map I logged on was empty, somehow.

  5. Default

    I LEVELED 2 TIMES WITH fatties05<33333333 in like 1.5 hours

  6. Default

    i trained a close person to me.

  7. Won't Be Coming Back

    IGN: bobtehlog
    Server: broa
    Level: ಠ_ಠ
    Job: Same as before.
    Guild: Phonebooks


    Levelled my cousin 8 times in 30 minutes.

  8. Default

    Solo'd zak. I'll make a spare thread with all pictures.

  9. Default

    um, theserpent made this thread first, not reggie. dumdum hero...

  10. Default finally


    Maria's last few pictures/last makeover. </3

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  11. Default

    ): Maria really deleted vanissa huh. Also, grats on 160.

  12. xDae


    After 3 hours of merchanting, I made about a 1mil profit

    Im not very good at it .....

  13. Default

    FAWKKK.SEAN@@@, wat atk kanzir was that that dropped?@??@?@@ MUST KNOW@@@@@@@

  14. xDae


    gratz on passing it sean

    I sat in leafre and talked to some people

  15. Default

    Grats Sean! Maybe now you can finally break 10k per star!

  16. Default

    .........................., pm me if you see this maria!

  17. Default

    i found the failure gene for BoF3.........



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