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  1. Default Big Bang features I want

    I know I can't have it all, but these are some of the features I'd like:

    • Monsterbook
      • Within the monsterbook readout, show me how much ACC I need to hit a mob. Seriously... this should not be a hidden attribute I have to calculate. Or, even better, don't show me the ACC required, just show me a hit rate.
      • Monsterbook reverse lookup - I want to view items from the WZ files and see which mobs drop them. Even if it's just with the mastery books I'd be happy enough.
      • This might be too much to ask, but I wish Monsterbook would show me some quests I can do related to the mob at hand. It sucks when I go out and train for four hours at a location only to later discover that I could have completed a quest while doing so.
      • I'd also like to know how much damage a mob does. I don't want to train in places where mobs can OHKO me and I don't know it.
    • World Maps:
      • For VIP teleport rocks, I want to be able to point and click where in the Maple Universe I want to go without having someone else there and without having to save the map. For regular teleport rocks, show the area map and don't let me zoom out to the full map.
      • If I have a quest active in the quest helper, I want the worldmap to have blinking dots that will show me where to hunt for the mobs I seek.
      • I know that if you hover over a map dot, you can see the mobs in that given area. I'd like to see this expanded. If you click on a mob from the list, monsterbook data appears.
      • If you click on an NPC from the list, show the quests from that NPC for all levels.
      • When traveling from Vic to Orbis, let me go inside of the boat before it takes off. When the boat takes off, if I'm still outside of the ship leave me there. If I'm inside of the ship, leave me there. Before the ship leaves, allow me to purchase some sort of incense or maplemeat that I can "hang" on the ship to give a greater chance of Balrogs coming. Make a "hunt 99 balrogs" quest.
      • We've had (REG) tickets for so long. Were (VIP) tickets ever intended?
    • Guilds
      • Ability to have guilds reserve major bosses once per week in 1 - 2 hour timeslots.
      • Guild permissions
      • In guild BBS, allow people to use :f1: :f2: etc like we have here on Southperry, or even just allow basic BBCode (bold, italic, underline). :goggle:
      • Have monthly resets for guild points. Make it so that each time you kill a major boss, the major boss gives each participating member guild points for their guild.
      • Allow people to spend guild points on something - even +3% damage or +5% exp would be outstanding. Guild 2x would be simply amazing.
      • Alliances are nothing more than huge friendlists with annoying people I didn't ask for. I don't know how to make it better, but Alliances need to serve a greater purpose.
      • Some guilds are lonely because they can't find members. Allow Juniors or Guildmasters the ability to search for people that want to be in a guild. Make it use the Party Search window so guilds can search for needed classes ("Need a Dark Knight over level 120 for Zakum Runs....")
    • Skills
      • Hero's Will has been messed up since fourth jobs were released. Make putting points into this skill more useful, and tell me more about what it does
      • It should be coded into the skill readouts which ones utilize final attack and which ones can utilize combat orders.
      • Not really a skill, but whatever - Safety Charms should revive you in the same map in which you died with full health. Include 30 seconds of invincibility after reviving. If you die in a boss map, have it return you to town. I don't want to lose my training ground in 2x because I died, kthx.
      • If you're using an element, make the damage numbers look different to reflect the element if you have an elemental bonus
      • On Maple Island you can view previews of each job class. Make those previews available from the job instructors on Victoria Island too.
      • Not complaining but... why does Explosion go faster with a faster weapon speed? What's the dealio with this skill, and why not other skills?
      • I'm sure this one will never happen, but make wands 1H and staves 2H. Increase damage accordingly.
    • UI
      • It'd be fun to know what medals my friends have. I can help them complete medals or engage in a merry pissing contest.
      • Stop the damn tab blinking when I get new items. After level 20-30, I get the hint.
      • Allow Owls of Minerva to transport you cross-channels. If you can search cross channels, you should be able to change channels.
      • In the cash shop, allow for a shopping cart feature. Also allow me to save carts so I can buy the same items over and over. Allow me to switch carts instantly so I can compare looks and prices.
      • Allow people to submit bug reports within the game.
      • Allow family buffs to work across channels, rooms, and continents.
      • Show the actual weapon speed! I shouldn't have to look up on a maple site if something is faster(2) or faster(3), fast(4) or fast(5), slow(7) or slow(8).
      • In game video creator a la Dungeon Fighter.
      • With the potential system, allow users to reset the EXP and bonus stats currently on their reverse weapons by buying a cash shop item. This gives them another chance to get a skill at the max level of the item.
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  2. I AM NOW "Mute"
    IGN: Stephen
    Server: U.S.A.
    Level: 21
    Job: None
    Guild: No where
    Alliance: Unemployment


    wasn't this available before?

  3. Default

    I seriously think you should go work for Nexon..they'd learn a lot.

  4. Default

    It's available now, but it's terrible.

    Instead of showing each specialization for each class, they just show someone using a skill from each class.

    Like for thief I think it shows a hermit with a claw + shield using shadow partner and boomerang step... not very good class showcasing.

  5. Default

    • Get rid of the giant ass maps. There is no reason why it should take 20 minutes to get to Omega Sector from Ludi.
    • Get rid of boat rides or make them shorter. Other than the Vic-Orbis one with Rogs, boat rides don't server a single purpose besides burning time. Make the longest one 5 minutes and I'll be content.
    • Make that quest in the Nautilus with Omega warps repeatable.
    The warrior one shows a DK using the 3 hitting attack. Nothing else.

  6. Default

    I love the "have numbers look different depending on the element" idea. That would be neat. I personally want a "switch character" option so I don't need to relog every friggin time I want to transfer.

  7. Default

    Logging in from the website partially fixes this. You don't need to put in your user/pass, only your PIC if you login from the website.

  8. Default

    It's repeatable in MSEA, and removed in GMS. (Cheap bastards.)

  9. Default

    Yea but not everyone, including myself, uses the site to log in.

  10. Default

    Are you pineappleing serious?

    Then change the thing on my list to "Re-add and make repeatable" or "copypasta from SEA".

  11. Default

    Yeah true, but it would still be nice to easily switch characters just like that.

  12. Default

    Yeah, it was removed. I never got the quest on my level 44 ring mule.

  13. Default

    I'd like to see the different levels of Monster Book count for something. Something like you get a permanent increased drop/exp % for all monsters when your Monster Book gains a level. If they bring it back like the old form.

  14. Default

    For people with slower computers such as myself, closing MS and starting it up again takes a lot longer than typing in a password.

  15. Default

    When you quit from within the game after logging in from the site it takes you to the Server Selection screen and not back out to Windows. To quit the game, there's a "Quit Game" button in the bottom left corner of the Server Selection screen.

  16. Default

    Oh. I've never logged in from the website before. I didn't know that.

  17. Default

    Agree with all, Especially the monster book. Can't be billed as an encyclopedia of monsters if it did not have all of what Fiel said.

  18. Default

    i'd like perament safty charms lol.

  19. Neon Atom
    IGN: FluffyFoxxie
    Server: Bera
    Level: 18X
    Job: Marxman
    Guild: RedShift
    Alliance: Purified


    • Why not make monster book an account based thing rather than an individual character based thing. I can't count how many times I've found cards on my noobs that I wished I could have found on my main, PLUS, it would give people the chance to get those blasted cards that are IMPOSSIBLE for them to get on their mains, just because they're too high lvled.
    • Bring Tienk back. Have him have a random weekly selection of cards or something, and rather than having a price in maple leaves, why not have him demand a certain amount of monster ETC that the mob in question drops?
    • Monster buffs should still be obtainable, even after the 5th card. Every card after you find the 5th one should also grant you the +10% exp bonus for 1 hour.
    • Change the droprate for really rare monsters so it doesn't take half a century to find even ONE of their cards, let alone 5. I'm looking at YOU, Fierry and Goblin Kings.
    • This is always something I have always wanted.... AN ARMORY FUNCTION. Allow members of the guild to "donate" equips, and the equips will be availible for all to see in a list. The person who donated the equip will have the ability to recall it at any point and time they want, even if the borrower is offline. The person who borrowed the equip cannot drop, trade, NPC, or otherwise get the equip off of their person in any way EXCEPT for putting it back inthe armory.
    • A guild HQ? Perhaps somewhere accessable via FM? It would be nice, especially after they made idling in the FM not viable. Maybe even have in game items the master and jr. master can decorate it with.



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