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    Hi! If ye're confused about Maple Shipmates, ye've come t' th' starboard place! Here, ask questions an' they be answered as soon as our members come aft into port. Below be some useful information regardin' Shipmates, th' newest Maple Class! Cast off me boys!

    The path of the Pirate will probably one of the most popular in MapleStory. At their second job, Pirates have two options: Gunslinger or Infighter. Gunslingers are faster and ranged attackers, but their shots tend to be weak due to the lack of criticals that an Archer or Assassin has. Infighters are melee, close-ranged fist fighters who deal lots of damage and have high HP, but they must get extremely close to their enemies and thus tend to take a lot of damage. The third job is forced, depending on what has been already chosen: Valkyrie from Gunslinger and Buccaneer from Infighter. For the 4th job, Pirates have the choice of becoming either a Captain or a Viper.


    * Very fast attackers, nearly as fast as Rogues.
    * Interesting abilities, as well as getting a mob attack during first job.
    * Gunslingers can hover in the air for a short period of time.
    * In first job, pirates have a useful dash ability that can accelerate movement speed.
    * In the Infighter job, the user has physical mob attacks.
    * Infighters have more HP than Bandits and more MP than warriors.


    * Gunslingers do low damage.
    * A little bit difficult to get used to, very different than other jobs.
    * The Float ability is not so useful if trying to get out.
    * The pirate equipment is a little bit expensive for a beginner.
    * Infighters lack the mobility of Bandits, and also must be closer to attack.

    Correct Stats for a future Pirate: STR and DEX are your most important ap points, so try and get as many into those two catagories as possible; INT and LUK can be left at 4 or 5. If you want to build a Gunslinger, it is to consider getting the highest DEX when building this char. Meanwhile, if you try to build an Infighter is up to you to get the most STR at it's creation. Remember that you need 20 DEX to advance as a Pirate.

    Job UP!
    Upon arrival at Victoria Island, talk to Olaf and pick your job quest. Take the taxi to Nautilus Port and enter the submarine in the center of town. Walk to the right and enter a door with an "UP" arrow over it. this will take you to the top deck of the ship. Now, walk left and enter the farthest door. Inside is the bridge, where Kairin is located. Talk to Kairin and make the job advancement.
    ~Strategy Wiki on Pirates (with some paraphrasing.)

    Helpful Pirate Links:
    1st job- 3rd job Skill Tables
    4th Job Skill Tables

    Ultimate Dexless Infighter Equips Guide By Sn1perJohnE
    Gunslinger Skill Builds: By Bribery
    Infighter Skill Builds: By ShiKage
    Pirate Equips Levels 10-90ish (c'mon Viper, finish them!)
    Complete Pirate Equips Lvls 10-110 By Tempus
    Pirate Mastery Book Locations by TKWizard

    Now for my question...

    Looking at the skills and trying to figure out a skill build for myself, I noticed that to max all the important 3rd job skills, either the ice shot or the fire one will be left at 11 I believe. My question is now, which one would be better, or is my math wrong and is it possible to max all 3rd job skills?

    On that note, how important would it be maxing ele amp in 4th job? Looking at that skill table, trying to max all pirate job skills would leave you no sp to max any common job skills.
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    It's definitely better to max Cooling Effect instead of Fire Burner. Neither skill is used as a main attacking skill because Triple Fire completely beats both of them hands down, damage-wise and in terms of cast time, so instead of getting the one that does more damage (Fire Burner), it's smarter to opt instead for the one with a status effect (the freeze from Cooling Effect). Also, there's little to no trainable monsters that are weak to fire so you wouldn't have many places to use the skill.

    As for 4th job, you'll be able to max all of your skills, including common job skills, by level 200. Elemental Amp isn't that important though and maxing it should be saved for later, although it would be smart to get one point early on for the extra 1 second freeze for Cooling Effect.

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    Cooling Effect >>> Fire Burner. When you summon gaviota, his attacks will remove the stun effect of fake shot, but not the freeze of cooling effect. The longer your freeze lasts, the better. There aren't many fire/ice weak enemies to use them on, and they have a little casting delay betwee using the skill again. You really only use it for the status and not the damage.

    Aye early on you'll probably be adding a point to battleship and working on getting your cannon up & maybe air strike after that, a point in EA is definitely worth it as Tj said, but anymore than that can wait until the more important skills for training are taken care of.

  4. xDae


    I was all ready to help, but he's talking about gunslingers...

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    ooh! ooh! my turn plox!
    Should i max Octopus or Gaviota First?and do i really have to max Gaviota
    because i heard you need only 15 in it to Unlock Air Strike

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    when it comes to infighters what is the ratio of acc they gain from dex/luk?

    is it warrior like or archer like?

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    wow for goodness sake... dude infighters are nothing like warrior or bowman... every class gets a little bit of acc from dex and infighters will get too because it is their secondary stat... but most of an infighter's acc will come from mastery and other skills.

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    you are an idiot. warriors get 0.8 acc per dex point, while archers, thieves get 0.6. before you talk know what you say.

    question stands what is the acc to dex ratio for infighters?

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    He means like how warrior get .8 accuracy per DEX and .5 accuracy per LUK but archers (and theives) get .6 accuracy per DEX and .3 accuracy per LUK.

    Edit: beaten to it.

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    I believe theirs is the same as warriors since my gunslinger gets 0.8 per dex and I'm pretty sure the calculations are based on the base class(Pirate), not secondary classes(Gunslinger/Infighter).

    Octopus first, Gaviota later.
    A max gaviota isn't really required, but by the end of 3rd job, it's better to max it since you have nothing better to spend your points on...Unless you want fire burner.

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    How effective are a dexless build for infighters and a strless build for gunslingers? Also, do infighters use dex to equip equipment or for accuracy?

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    Don't know about the first question, but for the second infighters need DEX = Level to equip their knuckles and armor.

    You can also choose to go knuckle-less. Barefists (not equipping Knuckles) is listed in the WZ files as being considered a "1H Knuckle" so you can equip a shield while not wearing a knuckle. I don't know what sort of damage penalty you'd receive for not wearing a knuckle. However, considering that barefists have a speed of Faster(3) and don't raise your weapon attack at all, it might be possible for the ultra wealthy to gain an attack advantage over their DEXed counterparts by going barefists + attack shield for the lower levels, though this is pure speculation on my part.

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    well its not too hard to be dexless and use the lv 110 fist with a ht pendant. i already made my build around it and with my archer equips (they in the archer equips thread) and a ht pendant + a decent dex overall (24 dex) i plan on being dexless and using the 110 wep. str less is a bit more complicated since there is very little that can be scrolled for str. however you can go kinda low str and be like an archer. i have 65 base str and 104 total str (110 with mw). since the str required for a gunner is like a xbowman 5x str with a high str base overall seems viable.

    infighters require level + 5 dex to equip weapons and they also get acc from it. i am glad the acc ratio is .8, makes it easy to have plenty of acc with 115 dex.

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    Okay, thanks for the answers. I was specifically talking about keeping dex as low as possible though, not to make it up with dex equipment. This is assuming the level 64 maple weapons come out though.

    It's a good thing that infighters require dex though *hoards overall dex scrolls*

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    i am doing that too, leave me some i am nice to f/p mages D;

    also, the idea i have is to keep dex as lowas possible, and thats 20 dex. in the future once more dex things or even more upgrades for ht pendant come we will be able to make str overalls. or perhaps a nice top/bottom if some of those come out for pirates.

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    Do Pirates only require 20 dex or is there a STR requirement too?

    How do infighters play? Are they close up like bandits or a bit farther like DKs? Does it burn up pots? :x As a new melee class I'm interested in the gameplay.

    With only +35 geared dex being needed to wear the lv.50 knuckle dexless, would it be better to just stay dexless (until 90+, if the 64 maple weapons are available) or would accuracy concerns come up that way? I know Infighters get more +acc skills than Warriors, and I'd have a Zakum helmet relatively early.

    Oh, and does SE work with Stun Mastery?
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    only 20 dex. There is no STR requirement.

    Begin fighting like a warrior, second job is closer to a bandit with a mob move, and third job gets a bit more range. See the Pirate skill tables sticky.

    Assuming that you meet the dex requirements for equipment, you should never have a problem with ACC. Dexless infighters might have a problem, but the disadvantage is greatly diminished when infighters get a lot of skills to boost ACC.

    Yes, SE works with Stun Mastery. However, if the mob can't be stunned, your crits are just as good as any warriors.

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    I haven't even tried learning about Pirates...i love my STR dit too much </3

    SO what are they...?

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    They are a whole brand new class. There's no way really to classify them. Fiel kinda did in his previous post.

    About ap distribution, it is, your secondary stat has to equal your level and dump everything else in your primary?

  20. xDae


    Infighters in no way have any accuracy problems. They get 20 Acc from Quick Motion, 20 Acc from Mastery, and not to mention when Energy Charge is activated they get an additional 20 Acc (though that doesnt really help because you need to hit monsters in order to charge your bar, which means you already had enough Acc to begin with)

    About dexless, refer to here. Unless my calculations are incorrect (I noticed the forumla is wrong, its 4.8, not 5. But they all used the same forumla, so its still highest range wins) a Low-Dex with a scrolled Pirate overall for Str will win over a dexless

    My question: If a Viper has Sharp Eyes, and he crits on a boss (bosses cant be stunned, so he only has a %chance to crit based on level of SE) does he get the +%Damage from both Stun Mastery and Sharp Eyes? Or just Sharp Eyes?
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