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  1. Default [1.2.310] Mechanic? Chaos changes

    Changes to CZak:
    - All exp given doubled.
    - Zakum Tree Branch and CZHelm now require PSoK to trade
    - Something I forgot to mention in the last topic --> Pachu's self-destruction is 20k

    Changes to CHT:
    - All exp given tripled
    - Bug where one of the arms didn't have its HP increased changed. Its HP/avoid/etc are similar with the other arm
    - CHTP now requires PSoK to trade
    - As of the current moment, CHT now has 10b HP.

    All of the changes to these chaos mobs are now reflected in the other extraction topic

    Regarding the new class, a few new delay classes were added:


    Furthermore, I saw these pictures in the WZ files. What the pictures looks like is a little interesting, but what is more important is what the images represent. This will make the mechanics of the new Mechanic class a little more clear. If you look at the images and feel confused, take a look at the name of the image - that should help you understand.


    Insert pure speculation warning here

    I think from looking at these images we can conclude the following:
    - The mechanics "mount", for lack of a better word, works similarly to how Evan must work. The mount attacks for you (this is also similar to Battleship for Corsairs)
    - You can attach equips to your machine
    - There will have to be a brand new type of equipment to attach equipment to this machine

    Having this mech is not the same as Evan having the Dragon. The data suggests that you can attack without having to use the mech. All of the newer delay classes added (the ones listed above, plus a few previous ones) have you in the "sit" animation for the entire length of the attack. So, for those attacks you are sitting on your robot. However, there are other attacks which have been added where you aren't in the sit animation for any part of the attack. So unlike Evan where you depend on the dragon to do your attacks, you can choose to have the robot present - much like a Bucc can choose to transform.

    Looking further at the delay classes, there is a class called "msummon" and one called "msummon2". One might be quick to say that this represents "machine summon" for when you summon your machine. I'm not so sure about this. There is a skill similar to the one we're talking about here, and that is a Corsair's Battleship. It, too, is like a mount that you use when you want to use different attacks. But the problem here is that there is no delay class attached to the summon Battleship skill. So, why is there an "msummon" here? I think it's because your machine can summon other machines to fight for you - like Frostprey or Phoenix.

    So I'm going to guess that you get your machine for third job (since previous attacks allow you to attack without your machine), then for fourth job your machine gets upgraded - allowing you to use new skills.
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    Mechanical Dragon!

  3. ~Thrust Into It~ Straight Male
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    Not what im thinking. Think of the equips as a kind of BioMech enhancement.

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    The other extraction topic has been updated to reflect the changes from this patch.

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    I think its just gonna be that way,because this equipment tab had nothing besides these dragon equips so theyll change the dragon picture and add the change the name of equip from:

    dragon cap>Pet Helmet
    dragon pendant>Pet Pendant
    wing accesory>Pet Accesory
    tail accesory>Pet tail

    and make these equips dropable.. both for evan and mech

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    Mechs are going to take over Maple!


  7. Mercury
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    I actually like the concept of having something follow you around for attack so this is going to be very interesting. I kind of hope there's more variety of the equips though instead of one set every 30-50 levels. .-.

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    TENVI meets MapleStory (or Vice Versa).

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    if this ever happens,actually,the evans+mechanics will be oeverpowered and unbalanced unlike advaneturers...

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    Hope your speculation is correct though, I would not want a dissapointment from Nexon :P

  12. Water

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    This definitely gives me the feel of a Corsair-based class. Not only do corsairs have an advanced form available as well ,but whenever I got hit and my battleship broke during the attack, I would be sitting. I hope that this class relies on a combination of both styles to maximize its output which would set it apart from the keep the advanced form alive style.

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    Oh yeah and...

    What the fuck? :(

    I'm going to have to

    C=================( |o=(` Д ´ ) kamehameha!!

    a bitch.

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    Seriously getting tired of these "omgz maple's ripping off [game]" as if those games hadn't ripped off a dozen games themselves.

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    My speculation. Will go from Mechanic, to a Power Suit, to a mini robot by your side (Zord), to at 4th job

    Ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff I lost. Maple will be ruined then.

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    It's getting closer and closer

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    meh, i hope this class is more steam punk then heaven piercing drill mechs

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    This is clearly a picture of 5 Mechanics in a party using their Party skill.

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    They also reset the exp rate for kMST to 1x ;|

    Leveling shall be hell.
    This new class sounds kind of dull imo too.



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