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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.309] Chaos HTP/ZHelm

  1. Default [1.2.309] Chaos HTP/ZHelm

    Updated CZakum and CHT with 1.2.310 changes

    -- You can use Dragon Eggs on the new HTP. The same egg that is used to scroll regular HTPs can be used on the Chaos HTPs and the eggs follow the same quirks.

    The level 200 boss mob says this upon dying:
    "호오 .. 용사 의 후예 들이여, 진정 나를 즐겁게 만드는 구나 .. 하지만 이 정도 의 힘으로 우리들 을 쓰러뜨릴 수는 없는 일 ... 하물며 그분 에게 저항 하는 것은 있을 수 없는 일이지 ..."

    Other differences between Zakum and Chaos Zakum that are not listed in mob readouts below:
    - Chaos Zakum bodies can all cast Zombify
    - All MP burning now burns 10x the normal rate
    - Poison cloud now does 1500 damage/tick
    - Arm4 can now cause your character to reverse directions (push left, char goes right - push right, char goes left)
    - Regen arm now regenerates 300k hp and 50k MP
    - Pachu's self-destruction is set to 20k

    Other differences between HT and CHT that are not listed in mob readouts below:
    - Preliminary heads did not change - just bigger HP walls and higher touch damage
    - Left head (ice head) can now Zombify and has physical damage reflect
    - Center head - getting caught in his downward fire blaze will cause you to be stunned for 5 seconds at a 100% rate
    - Right head (lightning head) can now Zombify and has magical damage reflect
    - Left hand can cast "No Potions" (???) curse - MP burn increased to 6000
    - Right hand can cast "No Potions" (???) curse and Darkness
    - Tail's poison now hits for 3500 damage/tick

    Regular0.481b HP2.090b HP
    Chaos3.856b HP10.000b HP

    The Zakum time limit is infinite. You can take as long as you want.
    The Horntail time limit is 720 minutes. This means you have to average 2.90m HP/minute in damage.

    The Zakum time limit is 90 minutes. This means you have to average 42.85m HP/minute in damage.
    The Horntail time limit is 150 minutes. This means you have to average 66.67m HP/minute in damage.
    As a comparison, the Pink Bean time limit is 60 minutes. This means you have to average 127.50m HP/minute in damage.

    Patch 309 notes



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    I can't wait for these to be released. I want my hands on that helmet and pendant.

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    YAY! HELL MODE! I CAN'T WAIT TO TRY THIS OUT! I now officially have interest in MapleStory again.

  5. Mercury
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    Wow, this is... awesome. o_o I'd love to get my hands on one of those new Zakum Helmets considering how pitiful mine is but if I can't last Zakum's 3rd body (it's always 1/1 then lag for me ) I'll never get such an awesome item. For most of my Maple career, Horntail's out of the picture. Level 200 boss has me highly curious...

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    Do want Zak Helm.

    Speaking of this Hell Mode new bosses, do they have any changes to their skills/abilities, or are they just bigger sand bags?

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    Fiel said Zakum 2 can cast Zombify. I don't know if there's anything else different at the moment. I do know, however, that these hell mode bosses will be doing a pomegranate ton of damage...

    D...d....d.....DAYUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY pomegranate..... This is going to suck. :(

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    Super Horntail shames the pomegranate out of PB. It looks like it even shames the pomegranate out of those Black Mage Familiar things.

    Lol @ HT's left arm getting stuck with 230m HP.

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    검은마법사의 하수인 A comes up as A black wizard's familiars in google translate

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    Not to mention that Horntail now has DAMAGE REFLECT. THIS IS GOING TO SUCK!!!

    MapleStory is now going to be PAINFUL to play if you're not massive HP washed. =/ (not that it wasn't already, but now it's worse)

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    Isaac roughly translated the familiar's quote into this.

    "Ah... the descendants of the Brave heroes, you please me. However, you cannot overpower him. There is no force which can resist his power."

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    What the F'UCK? No potion curse!?

    I smell an impossible to beat boss.

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    Didn't MP drain hit for 7k? Anyway, it's still a full drain for us so doesn't really matter.
    I'm interested in the PotBlock curse. How long does it last? Is it curable in any way? Maybe Hero's Will?

  14. DUCKS
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    You forgot to note up the 200-209-monsters' level. I suppose they all are 209, but maybe, just maybe, they differ somewhat. (205, 207, 209)

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    The new Zakum has 3,856,800,000 HP in total. That's going to take a while to beat... Speed runs (if it ever happens) will be 30 minutes at best, MAYBE.

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    I looked at the number of slots for the new HTP. It has 4. Does this mean that we could scroll it with eggs not once but twice?

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    That's the least of my worries.

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    Nope. It's still one time only. =/

    Lmao. I've already dubbed Horntail impossible with the damage reflect, "no potion" curse and other add-ons it has. =/ They're really pushing the limit here.



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