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  1. Default R&R - Accepting Comments

    These rules have gone over many revisions in the past few years that we've been around. So far, the changes have come every couple months when a user would fall through the cracks of the rules into a place I had not anticipated. This new revision of the rules was created in a much different method. Instead of only me writing the new rules, this revision is the work of a collaborative effort by moderators and administrators. Any person within the moderation team could comment on each revision of the R&R that I posted and we all looked for cracks or faults in the current rules. I am very happy about the results we have achieved in this new iteration.

    Note that the creation of this revision is not starting a new regime of strictness. The rules in the R&R more clearly defines what we administrators and moderators want from our users and what our users want from our community and from staff. We're not out to get you, and we're not out to infract every person we possibly can.

    These rules will be posted here for the next few days to allow for comments from users. Afterwards, I will take these comments and the staff and I will read through the rules again with your comments in mind. Afterwards we will then update the official R&R and then these new rules will be enforced instead of the old rules.

    Here are some of the changes which we've enacted with these new rules:

    - Users can now definitely send PMs even if you are banned. I know I said that this was available before and it wasn't. However, I have made sure that this works with the help of Sarah. So thanks for letting me ban you, Sarah!
    - Clearly defines the purpose of the Chief of Moderation and the Superadmin
    - Defines rules for appealing and how to appeal any infraction
    - Addition of a clause which states that these rules apply to the entire domain
    - Addition of signature sizes and limits
    - Infractions now expire in 75 days
    - A temporary ban now requires 8 points. A permanent ban now requires 16 points. However, the permanent ban is an effective BoS. So, it's harder to get banned, but once you are banned there is no coming back.
    - Much clearer which rules are relaxed in the Funhouse
    - Expansion of the "Accusations" rule to include mult accusations and stating that someone has been reported
    - Removal of the word "intend" or "intent" from all rules. Users were using these words in appeals to weasel out of infractions.
    - Addition of a flooding infraction
    - Expansion of the "I'm outta here" infraction to include "I'm back!" (called "Revolving Door")
    - Change of the PServer & hacking discussion to be more clear about what exactly is a "discussion that's not wanted here"
    - Wording of many rules changed for clarity
    - All rules now state where the rule does and does not apply
    - Ban policy expanded and clarified. All bans (perma and temp) now affect people, not accounts. If you are tempbanned, you (the person) are gone for all 10 days. If you are permanently banned, you are gone forever.
    - Mult policy introduced - new provisions on fighting infraction evasion
    - Exact procedure on how to appeal infractions, including a few commonly used arguments that tend to go poorly for getting infractions overturned

    Since many of these new rules do not mesh well with the previous rules, there have to be some exceptions made to ensure fairness. Overall, the transition to these new rules will tend to lean in favor of users, meaning:

    - Ban-on-Sight for permabans and tempbans only apply to new bans from here on out. If you've been permabanned under the old rules, you can still come back. If you are Ban-on-Sight with the old rules, you will still remain ban-on-sight.
    - "Infractions expire in 75 days" <-- this only applies to new infractions; the old ones are unchanged
    - "8 points for temporary ban, 16 points for permaban" <-- applies to all accounts regardless of when they were made
    - If you've received an infraction under the old rules, you cannot appeal for that infraction again once the new rules are in place. This means that once the new rules are put into place you are stuck with your infraction until it expires.
    - If you have a mult and it currently has an infraction it is still safe. However, if you receive a new infraction then the new mult policy will kick in (ban the mult, apply infraction to main account)
    - The new rules never affect older posts.

    The rules:
    Please submit your comments about these rules. Thanks!


    I. Introduction
    Welcome to, the leading source in Maplestory news and information!

    By registering for an account, you have agreed to follow these rules and regulations. These regulations will help to keep Southperry a friendly environment where all may post and enjoy the community and what it has to offer.

    It is generally understood these rules apply to the entire site - meaning any URL which has the text "" in it - unless otherwise specified in the rules listed below. These rules do not apply to the IRC.

    II. Administration Policy
    All administrators must follow the moderation policy and donor policy below. Any infraction of the below policies will result in the same consequences as those moderators or donors would receive.

    --> A. Superadmin of Chinchillas - Position currently held by Fiel
    The purpose of the superadministrator is to moderate all other administrators and moderators, ensure the site continues to run, collect donations, and pay for the server. The Superadmin is also responsible for making sitewide administration policies (such as these rules here) and moderation policies.

    --> B. Chief of Moderation - Position currently held by Eosian
    The purpose of the Chief of Moderation is to lead the moderation team to make fair and accurate warnings, infractions, and bannings. The chief of moderation is also responsible for answering questions regarding moderation, answering moderation appeals, and interpreting these rules and regulations.

    III. Moderation Policy
    --> A. Power
    All moderators and administrators of this forum have the power to:

    - Keep the peace within these forums
    - Distribute infractions to those who break these rules and regulations
    - Move, close, or edit threads upon infraction with these rules.

    --> B. Moderator's Discretion
    All moderators will have the power of Moderator’s Discretion in which he or she may elect to use any of his powers placed in him as moderator for the sole purpose of making the forums a better place. An improper use of Moderator’s Discretion will cause the moderator to be removed from his status as determined by the administrators of this website.

    --> C. Compensation
    All moderators will receive the thanks of Ultra Donor status for electing to help with the forum. Failure to follow this Moderation Policy or to follow the Donor Policy written below will be cause for removal of his status and, depending on the cause of removal, may have his account banned from the forums.

    --> D. Misuse of Power
    A moderator finding favorites within this community who receive special privileges or benefits such as improper removal of infraction points, taking advantage of the donor privileges and not doing his job that he was hired to do, etc. shall be subsequently removed from his position without restitution. This misuse of power shall be determined by the administrators of this website.

    --> E. Relinquish Power
    Each moderator may decide at any time to step down from his position with or without warning to the other moderators. If the moderator steps down and remains in full compliance with these rules and regulations, he shall retain his Ultra Donor privileges at an administrator's discretion. If a moderator relinquishes power and is not in compliance, he shall be subject to the consequences laid out in this document as well as be at the whims of the administrators concerning his fate.

    IV. Donor Policy
    --> A. Power
    All donors have the power of incentives given to them as determined by the administrators of this forum. These incentives are privileges, not rights. All registered users have the power to donate to this website and become a donor. By donating to this website, that registered user may receive a thanks in return by receiving certain incentives as granted by the administrator of this forum. All donations are non-refundable.

    --> B. Equal Treatment
    Donors must respect all rules and regulations of this document. Donors, as users of this website, will be treated with the same set of rules as any registered user because they are registered users. Failure to follow the rules and regulations in this document may result in a ban and he shall subsequently be removed of all donor privileges.

    V. Registered User
    --> A. Power
    All registered users have the power to post in these forums and receive fair and equal treatment from all other board members and its staff.

    --> B. Grant of Promotion
    Any administrator, through grant of promotion, may elect to make a registered user into a moderator by invite of PM. Under no circumstance may a user be made a moderator without prior consultation.Any user wishing to become a moderator will receive all benefits listed in section III.C of this document.

    --> C. Signature Sizes and Limits
    All images in a signature must be no wider than 600 pixels, and the full width of a signature may not be wider than 750 pixels. The entire contents of a signature may not consume more than 1 megabyte. The signature should not be overly loud, obnoxious, or resource consuming and it should follow all of the rules and regulations of this site.

    VI. Method of Moderation
    --> A. Rules
    Failure to follow any of these rules will result in the number of infraction points added to your own point total as deemed by the type of infraction listed in the Rules below. Infraction points expire after 75 days. Users can be removed from posting in any board for any reason as determined by administration.

    For clarity, the following picture signifies a rule which is relaxed in the Funhouse -

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Any post which generally crosses the line and the moderator uses his discretion to mark it."
    Additional Comment: Moderator's Discretion - See section III

    Point Value: 1 point
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Posting a claim that someone is a hacker, troll, or mult. Or claiming that someone has been reported."
    Additional Comment: The following examples are exceptions to this rule: 1. This rule does not apply to moderators or administrators, 2. Reporting someone for trolling does not invoke this rule. The following examples do count: Saying something to the effect of "Reported for trolling", or saying someone lives under bridges or acts in the general manner of mythical trolls. "Reported for X, enjoy your Y" is no longer allowed.

    Point Value: 16 points (Permanent Ban) & thread/post deletion
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "The act of posting another website in order to bring more users to that website without any gain of"
    Additional Comment: See here for a clearer definition.

    Point Value: 1 point & thread deletion
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Attempting to start any auctions."
    Additional Comment: Due to the ease of creating an account, it could lead to shill bidding which throws off the ability to have a fair auction. Also, there is currently no way to enforce the exchange of items after an auction is done.

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Pushing the limits of the rules for the sole annoyance of others."

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "A post that is meant to attract drama or attention and nothing more. He said she said."

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere, relaxed in the Funhouse
    Definition: “Any post that whether implied or direct insults or causes a hostile action to another user or group of users.”

    Point Value: 1 point
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "The act of posting the same thing over and over and over again consecutively, or any other unreasonably large volume of content with little to no actual value. This includes both text and images."

    Forum Bashing
    Point Value: 1 point
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Insulting any forum needlessly or without justification."
    Additional Comment: "Sleepywood is stupid" is forum bashing. "Sleepywood is stupid because it has harsh moderation policies" is not forum bashing (justified). "Sleepywood is stupid because its users are stupid" is forum bashing (not justified).

    Point Value: 16 points (Permanent Ban)
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Posting that you are or you have hacked any online game."
    Additional comment: Known hackers from other forums are welcomed here. We, as admins and mods, cannot police every person that enters. If a person is stupid enough to say, "I am a hacker", then he deserves a banning. This also includes people who post pictures where it's readily obvious the user hacked the game. Use of the Robin Hood Defense (hacking for the public good) will be determined by moderators.

    Point Value: 16 points (Permanent Ban)
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "The act of attempting to convey someone else's identity regardless of the possible humor involved by creating similar identities to that person or by giving others false presence of who you are."

    Point Value: 1 point
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "The posting in a thread in which the discussion material is more than 2 weeks old and an insignificant contribution is made to the thread."

    Point Value: 16 points (Permanent Ban)
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Showing or conveying any form of genitalia or sexual act, real or imaginary, implied or explicit."
    Additional Comment: There is absolutely no reason for anyone to post any sort of pornography or nudity on this forum - not even statues or paintings are allowed. This rule is extremely strict. Don't push it. Be sure to read this rule extremely close. For a little more information regarding this rule, please see this thread.

    Revolving Door
    Point Value: Thread deletion
    Applies: Everywhere except blogs and visitor messages. Only new and coming back threads are allowed in Amherst.
    Definition: "A thread made to announce that one is quitting or coming back to MapleStory or the forums."
    Additional Comment: We have thousands of members. While each and every member is important, we don't care who is or is not quitting.

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere, relaxed in the Funhouse
    Definition: "The posting of false or misleading information in order to make someone view an fad video, picture, or other."

    Point Value: 1 point
    Applies: Everywhere, relaxed in the Funhouse
    Definition: "A post containing no value, including off-topic posts or posts which derail threads."
    Additional Comment: The word "derailing" here implies a trainwreck sort of situation, not necessarily that the topic of the thread changed.

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "The posting of information regarding how-to's on private servers or hacking."
    Additional comment: You can discuss the effects of private servers or hacks on the community. You can also discuss the basic premise of how and why the hack works. You cannot discuss how to perform hacks or link to places where hacks can be found. You cannot discuss how to set up a private server.

    Point Value: 16 points (Permanent Ban)
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "(1) Buying/selling characters or accounts, (2) Buying/selling hacks, (3) Interserver meso trading."

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere, relaxed in the Funhouse
    Definition: "Making any inflammatory or antagonistic post."
    Additional Comment: Whether a post is actually inflammatory or antagonistic is up to mods.

    Point Value: 2 points
    Applies: Everywhere
    Definition: "Posting, sharing, requesting links, or helping others find illegal content online. 'Illegal content' is defined as cracked programs/games/software and digital media (including, but not limited to TV Shows, movies, MP3s or any other digital format). This infraction also applies to those that link to places where a user could learn how to obtain warez."

    --> B. Ban Policy
    Those that accumulate 8 or more infraction points will be tempbanned for 10 days. This ban applies to the person, not the account. The user may not create a new account and return right after being tempbanned. A user found signing onto a different account while an account of his is currently tempbanned will have that account permabanned. This is to ensure the user serves all 10 days of the tempban. After the tempban is served, all infraction points are removed from the account.

    If the user is banned again as a result of receiving 8 more infraction points, that account will be permanently banned. Permanent bans affect users and not accounts. All accounts registered or posted from that IP will also be banned regardless of who the account belongs. Any new accounts made by this person will be banned on sight. Users that continually make new accounts will be IP banned from the server.

    Users have the possibility of jumping straight to permanent ban if he or she commits a permanent ban offense or if enough offenses accumulate the 16 points necessary.

    --> C. Mult Policy
    Mults are allowed. However, in the event that a person's mult is infracted, the mult will be banned and the infraction is instead applied to the person's main account. The "main account" is defined as the account with the highest post count owned by that person.

    Mults are also restricted from the Funhouse.

    --> D. Appealing
    Any moderator action which gives infraction points or in some way restricts access to the forums can be appealed. No infraction points or restrictions removed means no appeal can be made. If any user feels that an infraction is unjustified, he or she has the ability to appeal it. The infraction can be appealed by sending a PM to the current Chief of Moderation. Please use the following format to appeal your infraction:

    [b]Post which I was infracted for:[/b] [url][/url]

    [b]Infraction received:[/b]

    [b]Why I feel I do not deserve this infraction:[/b] (Please keep to 250 words or less)

    An appeal can reach one of three outcomes: Overturned, Upheld, or Deferred. Overturned means that the infraction will be reversed. The infraction will still show in your infraction history, but it will be set to "reversed" and the points will be removed. Upheld means that the Chief of Moderation sees no reason to overturn the infraction and the infraction points will remain. "Deferred" means that the Chief makes no decision and instead redirects the appeal to the Superadmin. The Chief of Moderation should reply using the following format:

    [b]Upheld, denied, deferred?:[/b]

    [b]Reasoning/Justification, including any precedent:[/b]

    It's in the best interest of both users and the administration that appeals may take up to 72 hours before receiving any response. The Chief's decision is final as soon as the PM is sent and it cannot be changed or reworded. In the case that the appeal is upheld, the user may contact the Superadmin. The PM to the superadmin must contain both his own original appeal PM, the PM from the Chief, and a new counterargument to what the Chief has stated. The superadmin makes the final choice on all moderation, and there is no further appeal that can be done.

    In the case that the Chief is away or not present, users may appeal to the Superadmin directly. In the case that the Chief is present, users must go through the Chief first. Attempting to go straight to the top will result in your appeal being ignored.

  2. Default

    Isn't baiting and trolling the same? I always considered it to be the same. Of course, if I'm wrong, feel free to correct me. Either way, a specific post was done to piss a person or a group off. Same thing, is it not?

  3. Default

    Baiting is more general - usually used in cases of rule pushing. It has to do with a person pushing a rule. Trolling has to do with inciting flames or anger. I don't see how they're similar or the same thing at all as they address two different issues.

  4. Default

    Baiting refers specifically to the mods and administrators.
    Trolling can be targeted at the administration or other members. It's a more generalized form of provocation.

  5. Default

    This was the answer I needed, thanks. I considered it the same because technically, you can flame-bait [baiting, though not by your definition] a member, which is basically trolling. Same thing. Thanks for clarifying. No further questions.

  6. Default

    Need to add NX sales to the transaction rule.

    Still think the permanent ban policy is too strict. I've been pushing for served bans for months now, bugging the hell out of Fiel, but "two strikes" is pretty unfair. I'll use myself as an example here, since I'm the one this will likely effect next, but I've been temp banned, served that temp ban even though it was not required, came back and have been a much better user. I've got 1 (or 3, once these are put into place) points left, and now I risk being banned permanently when I think most people can agree (with the exception of those who dislike me... haha) that I am far more beneficial to this site than I am detrimental. So with these new rules, I'm on the brink of losing my ability to stay a member here when such drastic action is undeserved for the "offenses" I've committed recently.

    Just so everyone else can see some of the ideas I've proposed to Fiel regarding bans:
    Conduct based bans - When someone is not particularly harmful to the site but often receives infractions for smaller things, spread out. User would be subject to several SERVED temporary bans rather than a BoS.
    Three strikes: Two served temporary bans, final ban is permanent
    Probation: Upon receiving a permanent ban, user is removed from the site for 3 months. After the three months are over, if they choose to come back, they are put on a month long probation period. If they screw up in this period, they become BoS. If this period ends and then they start acting out often, they become BoS.

    Just to be clear, these were all suggested before I was in jeopardy of losing my account. They all seemed like fair banning options because frankly I believe there are very few people who ever deserve to be permanently removed from this site.

  7. Default

    What about warnings? Nothing about those? Those don't expire?

    Why won't old infractions expire? New rules --> new clean slate?

  8. Default

    Warnings do not have points, they have no direct contribution towards your being banned.

    Since the rules have not changed significantly and do not apply to retroactive events, why would anyone need a clean slate?


  10. I AM NOW "Mute"
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    read it all, but you think you're at risk of being banned permanently now? i thought that this site wasnt run on retroactive gradings. to the best of my knowledge though, your old points would still normally expire after x amount of days, right? i dont recall what that amount was with the old rules, but:

    • Users have the possibility of jumping straight to permanent ban if he or she commits a permanent ban offense or if enough offenses accumulate the 16 points necessary.

    • "Infractions expire in 75 days" <-- this only applies to new infractions; the old ones are unchanged

    From the new rules on youve got 16 points to amount before a permanent ban. Would your old points carry over if they expire at X date according to the old rules?

    ideas arent bad, though.

  11. Default

    Question about mults. It says "Mults are allowed", and then the last phrase says "Mults are also restricted from the FunHouse". Does this mean they're restricted from Funhouse and not the rest of the forum?

  12. Default

    Old points do carry over and cannot be appealed when the new rules are put into place. I will likely create a period in which you can appeal for your old infractions, but after that appeal date no more appeals can be done on older infractions.

    It means that mults can post anywhere but the Funhouse. Hmmm... perhaps I should be more clear about what that rule means. The reason why this rule was created in the first place is because people created tons of unfunny mults and spammed up the spam board. While I don't mind spam, some spam is too much spam, y'know? I'll think of a different way to word this.

    I'm not ignoring you here, Sarah. I just need time to think before I respond to you.
    Last edited by Fiel; 2010-04-22 at 02:35 PM.

  13. Default

    It's specifically stated on multiple occasions that changes aren't retroactive. All of our old points still count. The only difference now is that instead of one point left, I'll have 3 (because of the two added points). All points accumulated from the first ban stay, and are essentially put into a "safe box" where they aren't shown, but still count. Points earned post-ban are cumulative with the points in the "safe box" but show as a clean slate. So rather than 16 points (14 points previously) what you need is 8 + 8 (or 7 + 7)

  14. Default

    When reading over this, it seems like the second to last statement is simply a slightly reworded version of the first statement. However, I feel as if the latter statement (the second to last one) is more effective than the former, simply because of the way it is worded.

    But no more Threads threads?

    However, I do agree with Sarah. Partially, that is. I do agree that users who are more beneficial than detrimental should be given certain evasions. But, I feel this may be abused and could be viewed as favoritism.
    Last edited by y0y0y0y0shi0; 2010-04-22 at 02:57 PM.

  15. Default

    I would prefer that ban appeals/infraction appeals are NOT dealth with by the Chief of Administration. They should be dealt with by the Superadmin, or a specially appointed Moderator as an outside party. I easily see many complaints arising from attempting to debate your infraction with the person who may have given it.

    Also, under Accusations, do we really need to get rid of the "reported for x, enjoy your y"? If anything forbid it everywhere but the Funhouse.

  16. Default

    I agree with this. I don't really see anything wrong with it when it's done in an obvious context (one that no one would think to be true).

    Also, under Warez, does that only include the distribution of the illegal programs (whether it's a direct link of where to get it or telling someone how to get it)? Say, for example, someone had a problem with Pokesav. Would they be allowed to ask for help since it doesn't include the acquisition of Pokesav?

  17. Default

    All of the Moderators answer to me, I answer to Fiel. That is the hierarchy.
    In the off chance that of the 7 moderators and 2 admins who may have given an infraction I am one who gave it and deny it for an illogical reason you still have the opportunity to appeal that decision to the Superadmin.

    There is no reason for everything to automatically go to the highest court, and there is no reason that a legitimate appeal would have to worry about who's actually reading the appeal. The way appeals are resolved is so straightforward it's even in a diagram.


  18. Default

    does baiting count if it is not targeted to rules, but to intrests?

    For example,

    Mister Moderator Hates mario sunshine

    forum user posts a mario sunshine appreciation / discussion thread

    Is this baiting since it breaks no rules?

  19. Default

    A single thread, no.
    Consistently doing it for no reason other than to be annoying, yes, although that's more trolling that baiting.

  20. Orbital Bee Cannon
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    Alliance: NARs


    Since no one is posting in the Pornography thread, I'll post a comment here.

    "hot girl showing cleavage" = sexual

    From what I'm reading here you can't show any form of cleavage even if it doesn't have a nipple slip or shows nipples (the obvious bannable offense). It sounds like women in swimsuits are a completely bannable offense now if it's anything more than a one-piece.

    *Eh, screw the one-piece. Swimsuits sound like an auto-ban regardless because cleavage can't be avoided 100%. Sure is 1920s around here.
    Last edited by IllegallySane; 2010-04-22 at 08:59 PM.



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