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Thread: [Aran] Evan Skill Tables

  1. Default Evan Skill Tables

    Quick reference: Evan Skills by Type
    - Lucida

    First Mastery (10-20)

    Second Mastery (20-30)

    Third Mastery (30-40)

    Fourth Mastery (40-50)

    Fifth Mastery (50-60)

    Sixth Mastery (60-80)

    Seventh Mastery (80-100)

    Eighth Mastery (100-120)

    Ninth Mastery (120-160)

    Tenth Mastery (160-200)

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    Any range data for Blaze's initial hit? From some videos I've seen, it doesn't look too great.

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    oh great... 25% magic guard ._.

    Thanks Fiel :)

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    Thank you for this, Fiel.

    Essentially pay to play without any marked improvements, meh. They seemed to change MG back to 80% to MP but that's not a change at all... I think you inverted some values for Magic Amplification though, 180% for 135% MP would make me cry.

    Earthquake mob hit number question answered; is the positive vertical enough to Gallo, probably, but unlike IS not enough to train on the top platform.

    I'm liking the super long range of some of the skills not including what we already knew about Flame Wheel's lol815% range, (I didn't know the number, not the range).

    The 5 second label on some of the skills, particularly the charge skills are also worth looking into what they mean (definitely not a charge time of 5 I would hope) along with the x-variable 5.

    Also, the delay values are set following skill activation correct or are they after animation, I'm going to need some clarification on those since if they are the actual skill speed then I'll have to revise damage estimates dramatically upward. Also, knowing if Booster was already applied to these values would be of great help.
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    Boosting Magic Guard back up to 80% was a nice change (if it's not a typo). It'll make Evans very durable, especially since they have higher base HP than regular Mages.

    I'm guessing those Amp values are switched around? +180% damage would be really nice though

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    The delays appear to be very low. Is this perhaps an error?

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    Okay, I've fixed many of the problems you guys have discussed. The delays up there should now be the true ones and all skill changes and table widths are now fixed.

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    Thanks for this Fiel. It's helping me decide my build a lot more than the rest of the stuff out there.

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    Onyx Blessing adds Basic Attack and not Magic Attack, or is that a typo?

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    Pretty sure it's magic attack... adding basic attack would be insane.

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    wait... why do we need mastery books for what is essentially a 1st job skill? o_O Did they do this in KMS?

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    Fiel, can you put the Levels for those masteries next to them? It would help when trying to figure out SP and builds.

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    I'm not sure what you mean. The mastery levels for skills are already listed.

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    He means, like, First Mastery is from 10-20, and etc.

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    I meant like First Mastery(Levels 10-20) etc

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    No they didn't do this in kMS.

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    I don't know if anyone mentioned it yet, but Magic Amplification gives a +120% magic boost at level 15. I can't post a screenshot right now since I'm busy training my Evan, but I'll provide proof after my 2x card.

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    there's another move with a typo that says 2200% instead of 220% but i forget which. hopefully just a typo.



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