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Thread: [KMST] [1.2.298] Cash for items?

  1. Default [1.2.298] Cash for items?

    I suppose this is nothing new, but apparently now you can buy weapons from the cash shop. Well, rather you buy vouchers from the cash shop that give you a particular item at 100% success rate. I guess it's the same thing? Much better than gachapon, anyhow.



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    I don't like this route nexon korea is taking. I don't like it one bit.

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    I like Nexon NA's way of getting money better than Nexon K. Nexon K is going out and giving the items for cash straight up whereas Nexon NA is basing everything on chance (or the most part).

    Those are some pretty daggers o_O

    IGN: Overburnd
    Server: Khaini
    Level: 210
    Job: Cannoneer
    Guild: Contagious


    At a measly level of 25 you too can get more weapon attack out of those two weapons than i do out of my fully scrolled equinox!

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    Also, this is already in the game. At least the whole package thing including weapons. I don't like the idea of it though.

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    Aran and Dual Blade both have their own hair: now where's Evan's? :(

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    This. I will go out and buy a hair coupon just to get Evan hair... and I never get cosmetic stuff!

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    Just so long as they aren't selling broken end-game equips for NX I'm okay with this. A 72 attack dagger at level 25 isn't terrible either; while it is a blatant attempt to get players hooked on NX earlier, it would get replaced by level 70 anyway.

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    I so want that dagger on my CB. If I had a ton of spare billion meso, I'd even white+pink scroll it and use it foreverrr. Too bad I'll never have said amount of meso. ):

    I'm getting that hair on my CB when it comes to gMS. D<

    Edit; Oh god, did I re-read that right?! The dagger is a COMMON equip?! Getting one for all my chars if it stays like the till gMS's release!
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    So once you buy the vouchers you can then choose which item you want from a list of items when you use your voucher?

    Or is this just for dual blader class since it has a dagger/dual blade symbol on the voucher?

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    In regular KMS, these coupons come with skill book packages. One of the blade coupon gives a 42 attack lvl50 blade, and one of the dagger coupons gives a 69 attack shinkita

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    Just another sign this game is nearing its end. I always thought Nexon Korea was more interested in producing a quality game until they started making a ton of new classes for no apparent reason. And now what's this? Oh, just more in-game advantages to buying cash.

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    It saddens me to see Nexon Korea fall down this path.
    Soon they will make NA's cash shop additions look alright.

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    Why did they make Legendary Daggers common? I don't think any other class can use it anyways.

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    They have nearly gone down the Trickster route if it wasn't for the fact so far the stuff seems tradeable and nothing gamebreaking that is untradeable.

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    God help us all if this happens. Trickster used to be good, but now it's the measure by how badly a game is whoring its cash shop.

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    Oh wow...
    This is dumb.-__-
    This is only good for DB and maybe bandits.
    Albeit, this won't last long due to the Dual Blade limitations. They'll lose more money from this when it's over.



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