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Thread: GM Sightings

  1. xDae

    Default GM Sightings

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    After almost 3 years of maple I still have to meet a GM ._.

    Although I did get a glimpse at some GM event before I d/c'd with the rest of them.

  3. xDae


    Thats why I got to talk to this one. I went into event and immediately dc'd :/

  4. xDae


    That video was win :D

  5. Default

    The world is oh so small xd one of my old guildies is in that video :p

  6. xDae


    One of my current guildys is in it. Yay Koro! (D4rkFury)

  7. Custom User Title
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    I've got a really good one of a GM saying "Come here my lemmings."
    I'll post it as soon as I track it down.

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    I never saw a GM in my 3 years of GMS, even intentionally looking for one.

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    I think I've seen two. Both were at events. I made it in neither event. :/

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    I`ve had a few GM encounters . I always used to SS them, but my computer reformatted recently and i lost most of my SS`s T_T

  11. xDae


    I took more SS, but all the nubs kept on spamming so the SS's are worthless

  12. Helium Atom
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    The GMs we see in kradia only appear in GM events.

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    Quite funny actually. We did like 10smegas saying to extend the sc to a later time cuz we were in HT. But came along a GM. ;o Words can't describe it. View the ss's :P

    In HT before SC

    After SC

  14. Default

    Lol Anth, that must suck getting screwed out of an HT.

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    I don't know why, but those ss'es made me laugh so hard. I think you need extra thick skin and patience and a great load of maturity to be a GM. I'll prost on them xD



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