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  1. Default Why are balanced furies cheaper than C.Ilbis?

    Furies can be charged everywhere and give +1 more attack. Yet C.Ilbis cost 30m more on khaini. I don't get it.

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    Probably because of it's appearance? C-ilbies does look better because it's a light-blue star that looks all ice/glass-ish. But yeeea... Furies are rechargable everywhere now, Maple makes no sense to me these days earlier.

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    I think it's cause Balanced Furies are level 70 and Crystal Ilbi are level 50. Could also be fear of a revert to Fury's rechargeability.

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    1. Balanced Furies have a lvl limit of 70 and C.Ilbis have a lvl limit of 50
    2. C.Ilibis are harder to get and rarer?
    3. Some people think C.Ilbis look cooler?
    other than that, i have no idea.

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    Availability is the deciding factor as it is right now, I'd guess. Not sure if C.Ilbis are even forgeable anymore, but Furies are obtainable just with materials present ingame. Thus there's more of them. Rare stuff is always pricey, which is pretty stupid regardless

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    People want to sell it for higher because it's harder to obtain.

    Why people would want to buy it for higher, I dunno. Maybe being rarer makes it more special in a way?

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    Hwabis cost as much or more than Furies and they have 3 less atk o.o never question maplers.

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    That doesn't explain why anyone would be willing to buy crystal ilbies for more, though.

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    Cilbis are far more scarce, as well as better looking. Cosmetics and rarity are enough to get a Night Lord's plantain hard.

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    C Ilbis are ALOT rarer than furies (and arguably look better). Even with the fact that furies are better for utility, c ilbis are still more expensive...which just shows how rare they are.

    People can buy anything. To look better? To stand out? To collect...?

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    I LoLed harder than I should've.

    But this statement is true... my friends are always talking about how the would trade 3 furies for 1 c.illbie... O_o just because they look like a CS item and are hard to get
    I'm the old fashion guy. (Subis FTW!)

    I find a Flaw in your sayings!

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