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  1. Default Paint the Hero Black!

    WARNING: There will be spoilers in this topic! If you don't like having things spoiled for you, DO NOT READ THIS TOPIC.

    This is a fun game whereby one person takes a popular hero and makes him out to be a dark, traitorous, evil person. Then other people have to guess who this hero is. Here are a few examples.

    The examples are taken from here.

    "A mass murderer that's slaughtered his way out of prison, killed the home nation's chancellor on two non-consecutive occasions, and the head of state of a different nation. His accomplices include a mad scientist, a traitorous princess, and a black magician."


    "This person rejected all laws of civilized society at an extremely young age and ran away from his loving parents to pursue a savage life in the wilderness. He delights in using his natural charisma to lure away young children. He runs an organization of half-wild underage delinquents and anyone who disobeys one of his rules is instantly banished. His will to defy laws and rules is so strong he's found a way to cheat death itself."


    "An ally of a pagan goddess, this man is controlled by the use of supposed magic powers of teenagers. He then proceeds to make life hell for corporate executives, but not before yelling at them what his name is first."


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    Aww fiel, now my signature isn't unique T.T

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    A killer robot sent to a floating island to murder the inhabitants. Along the way he befriends some rebels and kills a doctor who aided researchers on the island. He also destroyed the core of the island, causing it to fall from the sky.


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    He left his peaceful life at the beach only to steal money and chase after his own shadow with a sword. Nowadays, he can usually be found talking to mice and ducks. Aided by his psychotic visions, he someday hopes to murder his once best friend only to get in some girl's pants.


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    A rather argumentative man that can never seem to agree with anyone. He used to jump into random conversations and strike down anything he could think of. He's also known for turning men's heads and preferring small physique.


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    A masked murderer, who is blamed for the death of many. He murdered the father of his best friend. He killed his girlfriend by snapping her neck. He killed the man that raised him by letting a criminal go free. He has alienated those that care for him, and drove many who once considered him as a friend to turn against him. The blood on his hands is as red as the mask he hides behind.


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    A deadly siren, known for luring in millions to their death by trickery and lies before they know it's too late. His song, secretly riddled with threats and dark promises to a woman that he will never leave her, will do whatever it takes to make her understand, and is willing to play games with his helpless prey, making her become his forever.


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    Has been known to steal money from harmless creatures. He lights things on fire without warning, so is considered and extreme arsonist. He's widely known for using shrooms for an unknown purpose, but whitenesses say that they alter his body greatly.


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    Dogs are apparently so insignificant to his life that he tramples over them, in spite of his squire's very high vitality and strength stats.

    Also, we don't really know if his house was on a beach or not, but it sure was close by.


    This man was introduced to the internet at a very young age, and has seen the power of the logical truths and falsehoods. He eventually nested himself within certain realms of virtual reality, and began to establish himself with other peers in the communities. While he enjoys the free contents found in cyberspace, he could not help but feel that he could gain more power than simply wasting time just like everyone else did. Oh, how insignificant his life seemed with just an alias! It was also to make up for the fact that he was partially deaf, but that wasn't very important. In his quest for power, he convened with many other fellow power-hungry fools who sought the same thing as he did, and they spent month after month talking, debating, and using countless theories, only to prove fruitless.

    Eventually, he managed to unravel the mysteries of magic of one particular plane of existence, and sought to gain profit for the potential secrets this particular key could reveal. One of his attempts involved weaving the strands of cyberspace into a new world where he was the master. In time, loyal subjects began to flock to his domain, where they came to know each other, make friends, and even associate themselves with the master. Ultimately, all of them wanted the secrets that this wicked man has offered to reveal, and each made visits to the archives he has written specially for the purposes of telling secrets, yet keeping the key from others. Should the practice of magic weaving fall into the wrong hands, the results could be disastrous!

    Alas, however, the lords of another world came to this man's own domain, and they have accused him of stealing their secrets and sharing them to everyone else. Terming him a "rogue", these foreigners, much more powerful in comparison, threatened his vital disciples that maintained the fabric of his reality. Some escaped, others weren't so lucky. The dark master tried in vain to sidestep and defy the powers of these foreigners, but after a series of battles and diplomacy, he was forced to forfeit the secrets which he has harvested. And so his domain remains as a place for the public to convene at, and it didn't look so much different from many other locales. The crowd he typically sees consists of many intelligent or otherwise curious patrons; but in the darker recesses of his domain, there are others who know a subset of the magic he has garnered and once desired to share.

    Who could it be?
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    This man led a wandering, jobless lifestyle, and hung out with some the most disgusting lowlifes that existed in society at his time. He also led other men to follow him in his vagabond ways, pretending to be a king. Luckily, a great empire noticed his fallacies and persecuted him.


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    A man and his brother travel to a faraway land. Along the way, they destroy citizen mushrooms, turtles, kill guards and take over castles, steal coins, partake in gluttony, use unknown substances to gain invincibility, and have delusions of saving a princess who is seemingly always not there. Their ultimate goal is to kill the king.


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    "...he was partially deaf..." -KajitiSouls

    Wait, what? I never knew he was partially deaf.

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    It's true. I am partially deaf. Not enough to be legally deaf, but enough to say that I am partially.

    Uh-oh, is Corn gonna be my #1 stalker? Lulz.

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    You are legally partially deaf.

    logistics dohohoh

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    These two boobish brothers often cause mischief and irritate those around them. They cause an especially large amount of pain to their sister by tricking her into believing aliens were after her, sending her on the wrong flight, and even messing up her first real relationship. They've also been caught up in a counterfeiting ring and have been mixed up with the police on several occasions. They are also responsible for the "death" of a famous magician


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    Dont make fun of the partially deaf, good hearing aids cost alot, and some insurance doesnt cover it. Also, Im partially deaf.

    Anyways this hot blonde woman makes senseless political decisions and tends to send millions of sometimes frail soliders (recruited using the money of captured cities) and underarmored units against armies of overpowered units, leaving everything to lady luck.


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    A young teenage boy with psychic abilities. He uses them to battle others, causing them pain among other things. In the end, he indirectly causes the death of an idiot.


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    This sinister spiny fiend is particularly rough on the outside and has confused many travelers. This fiendish trickster allures in hopeful people with a great scent and wonderful figure, only for them to be hurt by the needles of hate that surround the fiend's core.


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    I guessed it :D



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