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Thread: [Scania] An Interesting Twist V.2

  1. Harrisonized

    Default An Interesting Twist V.2

    So... I have a GM scroll. It's in Channel 3 FM 1 of Scania for 950mil.
    However, I have quite an interesting twist for everyone.

    Because of my obsession with scrolling, I want to Chaos the second slot of my Horntail Pendant. However, I do not wish for this scroll to fail. So, I am willing to trade this GM scroll for someone who can assist me with my obsession for scrolling my HTP.

    First, to prevent myself from being broke, you must give me an initial 10m. Then I will need from you, a White Scroll and a Chaos Scroll. When used together, I will have a 60% chance of either passing, or a 40% of failing but not wasting the slot.

    Both the white scroll and the chaos scroll are about 200m each. That means, you can get each set for around 400m each, which means you can potentially get this item for less than half price. Even if it passes on second try, you'd still be saving money on it.

    However, the Chaos scroll actually has to pass before I give you the item so make sure you have enough. Statistically speaking, it should be cheaper if you get me the scrolls.

    If it still not pass on the second try, do not worry. Two tries is around 800m. I am aware that if I try a THIRD time, it will be more expensive for you. Thus, when that happens, go into MTS and get me the 9/7 Purple Morrican and we'll trade.

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  2. Harrisonized


    Sold. Looks like I'll be looking for white scrolls and chaos scrolls tonight. >_>



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