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    Default RED update thoughts and feedback

    The usual general thread for updates. What do you think?

    I got a permanent Silver Husky pet from the attendance event, such a generous reward

    Anyone worried about occult cubes not dropping from bosses, don't worry, they seem to drop Cube Fragments. (or at least, Normal Ranmaru does)

    some of the prices shown in the tumblr pictures were bumped up upon release, noticeably the protection scrolls.

    some small things that I really love about this patch:
    Androids have english voices!
    I love that they finally did away with the stupid Mob HP, Taming Mob and Saddle equip slots, which have been mostly unused since... forever. the equip screen looks a lot better now with the Totems included. also the cash tab is really handy.

    They also made the Cave of Trial 1 widescreen, so the portal isn't off the edge of the screen now

  2. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    I just got a duck... At least I got the RED Penguin!

    I like this patch overall. It just upsets me that cubes dc you currently and you have to trade in a certain amount of tickets at a time after storing the rest.

    Oh, and my revamped IL finally passed a 10k range buffed!

  3. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    I don't like my summeroid's voice.

    R.I.P. my pixel korean waifu

    Aaand my Paladin is OP 2.5x the lines on blast with 2.5x the damage on phys-resistant bosses.
    Felt good getting kb'd across the map through 2 meteors by Ez Magnus and not dying.

    Haven't tried anything else yet really, and the old TT on NL's doesn't flow nearly as well as it did pre-bb.

    edit: Also, how I feel using hookshot on my Marksman:


    edit2: I seriously cannot get over how fun hookshot is so far omfg its amazing with pierce and the new double jump.
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  4. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    I got a permanent pet Cake. I already had a perm Yeti and I got a RED Yeti as well, but man, a Cake? Oh well.

    I made an I/L mage and am playing through that so far. I must say I was pretty taken aback when Tot was just giving me free level ups until I got to the next "quest" for him.

  5. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    I got another Fennec Fox for the free pet, but I'm not complaining. I'm finally able to use the Hyena Mount on my Merc. Yeah, trading in RED tickets can be annoying if you want coins more efficiently by trading in 4 at a time. Cassandra just takes your whole current stack without an input box.

    I feel some slight lag in the event hall map. It removed the town lag, but they didn't fix the problem. I think they made it worse in a sense that the maple admin, cassandra, and gaga are all in the same area, as well as players going there now for events... so the lag ends up being concentrated there. There are red coin shop NPCs at Three Doors/ToT, if you want a lagless place to spend your Red coins.

    Events and crafting are a bit weird. I don't think it's worth it going past lv10 for either profession because of all these restrictions and limits. If you plan on crafting the Meister equipment or anything else that requires Lv11+, get your materials beforehand which will take a long while. But also to an extent, I take it that you have to reach Lv11 to be able to extract scrolls and cubes. There's a cooldown in between crafting the same item, so you can't really mass craft your way up. And even when you get to LV11+, you lose exp on it if you don't do anything for a while. Regular veins and plants don't seem to have changed at all.

  6. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Well, more attendance to do, free daily 2x for those who train, free telerocks, free permapet, and a run-back-and-forth-between-storage-and-Cassandra-until-you-drop extravaganza.

    Oh, and Revolution weapons. If they're really tradeable, that is.

    I guess that's all, aside from obvious job revamps and such.

  7. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Cass takes one stack of tickets without asking amounts? Ouch.

    I didn't put my tickets in storage yet, so I don't know... Maybe I can put them in storage and then take out 4 at a time?

    Also, any way to exchange Mastery Books for generic ones?

  8. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Little itsy bitsy stuff that wasn't stated in the notes(?) that I've found so far:

    - Cooldown skills that come out of cool down now blink white in your quick set up slots,
    - mob spawn rate increase in general?
    - Dojo boss spawn is instantaneous which is awesome (yay my first under 10minute run since Unleashed)
    - ICoGs are limited to 3 per character in the RED coin shop (not too bad I guess)

    Possible glitch:

    - Walking 'cane skills upon release do not return your speed immediately anymore.. which is a tad inconvenient for me :(.

    Warning: Oh and yes like above said, you'll need to store all your tickets MINUS 4 in storage before talking to Cass to redeem tickets.

  9. Default RED update thoughts and feedback

    Has anyone gotten a cube from bosses yet?

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    Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Really sad about the increased prices... Shouldn't have been so loud to celebrate. Also I already wasted 75 coins cause I missclicked and bought special potential slot carver instead of gold awakening stamp. rage.

    I was clever enough to put rest of my RED tickets in storage though, so I managed to turn everything in sets of 4

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    Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    the damage is nuts, that is all.

  12. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Only with a select few, I believe.

    One can never be too sure: are those absolutely no boom?

    Protip: go to Ellinia if you want to save time going from Mirror to storage for RED ticket exchanging.

  13. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    A friend of mine said got a Meister from Easy Magnus.

    I myself have killed Easy Arkar, Pink Bean, normal Von Leon, normal Hilla, Madman Ranmaru, and Pap, with 8 lines of item drop potential and a wolf underling and have yet to find any cubes at all. One cube fragment per boss, though.

  14. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    They are non boom at least within my experience. I landed 5/5 ICoGs in a row though...

  15. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    purchase limit resets on 18 dec

  16. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Cassandra doesn't take whole stacks. She takes 10 or less. I had a stack of 20 and she took 10 at a time.

  17. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    It's taking some time to get used to the new bowmaster skills, I can't complete dojo though, game always disconnects.

    I also can't use Meister cubes. They just crash my game or disconnect me with the UI on the login screen covering everything.

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    Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Super pro tip: go to Aquarium.
    Cassandra (and the others) are still in their little room there. You can just stand on the portal above her and switch back and forth between her and the storage.

    (Also that little room lags a lot less than Event Hall, oddly enough)

  19. Default Re: RED update thoughts and feedback

    Showa Town works too. They didn't remove cassandra and gaga from there, and the storage is close by on the far right of the map... That is if you don't lag.

  20. Default RED update thoughts and feedback

    Told you. :P



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