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GMS Status

Server0102030405060708091011121314151617181920MLCSAs OfAvg/Max Latency
LoginOKOKOK                OK  11:56:020.05 / 0.06
EU Login                     11:56:080.11 / 0.11
Scania11:56:040.06 / 0.07
Bera11:56:020.05 / 0.06
Aurora11:56:110.05 / 0.07
Elysium11:56:130.06 / 0.06
Luna11:56:080.12 / 0.12
Reboot 11:56:050.06 / 0.06
EU Reboot 11:56:100.12 / 0.12

Connected successfully in normal amount of time.
Connected successfully, but took longer than usual.
Failed to connect within timeout period.
Server may be down, or just unreachable
Explicitly failed to connect.
*Channels update from lowest to highest, one at a time across all servers independently.