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Thread: Gollux

  1. Default Gollux

    MapleStory just posted this on Tumblr.


    Judging by that background, it might be Crimsonwood related, a Halloween event or just a reskined Hecaton.

    Is there any word about this?

  2. Default Re: Gollux

    Well, the map name is "Masteria: Gollux Head", and that is the background in the area leading to CWK.

    Seems kinda cool, but the fact that they've never hinted at "Gollux" before in any quest or anything makes it seem kinda out of left field and random and I'm not sure, but I think that upsets me.

  3. Default Re: Gollux

    The minimap. The sections. The option to 'leave'.

    Gollux confirmed for Hecaton reskin.

  4. Neon Atom Straight Male
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    Default Re: Gollux

    Death Count: 05

    Well, it's either incredibly easy or incredibly hard.

  5. Neon Atom
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    Default Re: Gollux

    Something about Gollux screams being the offspring of Krexel & Hecaton.

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    Default Re: Gollux

    it will be kinda easy looks like its 30min time limit according to those pictures

  7. Default Re: Gollux

    My thoughts at first.

    WOOOO GMS exclusive content, just like Jett..

  8. Default Re: Gollux

    Not crossing my fingers, but it'd be nice if this update makes Masteria worth going back to.

  9. Default Re: Gollux

    Well, guess what face is gonna haunt my nightmares the next couple of days.

  10. Trump minus th money
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    Default Re: Gollux

    Well I don't like this.

    Do you really think it will?

  11. Default Re: Gollux

    >Implying this is on GMS Masteria and not KMS Masteria
    >Implying there is hope for GMS Masteria
    >Implying crossing your fingers can change phenomena
    >Implying there exists a higher power in the universe
    >Implying we're not alone and doomed to oblivion
    >Implying this doesn't apply to Maple Story
    >Implying implying

  12. Trump minus th money
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    Default Re: Gollux

  13. Default Re: Gollux

    I don't know about this. Could this be that they already have a set-up for 100 people to go against this boss or something? It didn't exactly work well in KMS...

  14. Default Re: Gollux

    Or you know, he could be alluding to 4chan's >green text.

  15. Default Re: Gollux

    For some weeks now Nexon has been asking the comunity of ways to help maplestory improve, yet the most clear answer, that which was as easy as a shoot to the ground, that would be updating to masteria, they come and screw it up like this. Seriously Nexon? Another reskin to pass for exclusive content? how did you not learn your lesson from Jett?

    Am I the only one that'd preffer they leave masteria alone before they keep screwing it up with reused pomegranate?

  16. Default Re: Gollux

    How the hell would you even know that it's a complete reskin? Don't jump the gun, because the fact that there's a death count changes the game a lot on this. Yeah, it's possible it's a reskin, but just wait for more details. I'm more curious about the actual mechanics involved with the fight and the drops.

  17. Default Re: Gollux

    you mean the stuff for that area that's going to come from "masteria tree stump" cash item or some other bullpomegranate?

  18. Default Re: Gollux

    To contrast, the map size is much larger than Hetacon, where we only see a half-body. This one appears to be full body.

    Also, better to have a functional and fun reskin of preexisting content than an original exclusive content that's actually a piece of pomegranate in my opinion.

  19. Trump minus th money
    IGN: xparasite9
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    Default Re: Gollux

    Like what we got with the aliens "revamp" of Masteria?

  20. Default Re: Gollux

    To be fair, part of it was because of Global's laziness. The Alien Masteria in TWMS at least allows you to return from Old and New NLC and offered better rewards with it.



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