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  1. Default Star force enhancement Simulator V1.01

    Don't mind me. Basil mods and deputies just keeps deleting my topics so I'm going to drop it here to come back to if you don't mind too much.


    *Including an algorithm change and adding an option to switch between the two
    *Changing one of the forms on the UI -Done

    Change Log:
    *Fixed an error where items were unable to be started from 2-9 stars
    *Fixed it so that items that downgrade twice in succession upgrades its next turn
    *Fixed Normal Items being able to degrade past 10 after reaching rank 10
    *Added an easier to use UI

    To Do:
    *Fix running superior checks above 12 stars resulting in an "infinite" loop
    *Figure out why Anti-Virus False flags

    Upcoming projects:
    3: Marvel Machine Simulator
    1: Scrolling simulator
    2: Cubing Simulator
    4: One Card Online
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    Heh.. 1-15 only costing 94m. Literally had every single attempt pass.

  3. Default Re: Star force enhancement Simulator V1.01

    cubing simulator will never happen because we don't have the actual data for the increase rates that nexon uses, and they won't ever give them to us.

    Also, your star force sim faces one major flaw.

    We have no guarantee that the rates listed on the UI are the actual rates. Nexon is notorious for playing around with the RNG. See: Miracle time.

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    That's all its set to with nothing else to go on. The graph that is. Also I think there's an error in my calculations so i'll probably fix it in the morning.

    As far as the cubing sim goes i'll just set it to rank ups are a 1/50 chance, and to randomly distribute the possible outcomes, same with marvel, but it should be taken with a grain of salt without that data like you said.
    Just side projects



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